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In this modern world where the new technologies are being developed and the present technology is being upgraded and in most of the cases re-developed. In the present scenario the people i.e the global citizens are looking forward for the technologies which are not only user friendly and innovative, but also cost effective and eco friendly. The awareness of people towards effects of technology on environment is increasing.  The previously used technology which in present time has become obsolete has had a very negative impact on environment, the effects of which can still be seen.

Now a day’s one of the most heavily used technology used around the world is Lighting technology. One can find street lights, commercial lightings, also lights at your home. One of the most widely used CFL tubes or CFL lighting technology, which consumes a lot of energy and has hazardous effects on environment and has a small life cycle.  The present technology which is more efficient, reliable, durable is LED lightings or more commonly recognized as LED Lights. These LED light bulbs or LED light fixtures are todays technology, as they consume 25%-80% less electricity and has a longer life cycle by nearly 25 times when compared to traditional fluorescent lamps or CFL’s.

These LED lights home with a minimal consumption of energy, very low greenhouse gas emission and above all is many times more durable than CFL’s. Unlike CFL’s the LED lights do not contain mercury that can be extremely toxic to environment and has to be disposed with utmost care, these LED light bulbs are 100% recyclable, and do not cause any damage to mother earth. The new light bulbs do not harm the environment, are cost effective, more durable and do not waste their energy as heat like the previous Fluorescent lights which wasted 95% of their energy as heat.  The LED light Fixtures convert the same energy into light. The new light bulbs consume less energy and give away more light.

The LED lights are technologically more advanced and are comprised of hundreds of Diodes. The LED light bulbs come in variety of sizes, varied temperatures (i.e. diverse colors of lights). The LED light bulbs are unbreakable, cooler, brighter, consume less energy and ecofriendly. As they do not contain any kind of material which is hazardous to life and environment, they are extremely safe option for your home, office, neighborhood and everywhere where the CFL’s or the fluorescent tubes are used. One of the best place to buy led bulbs online is http://www.wearelights.com.