Holiday in Mauritius becomes more enjoyable and interesting when one gets the opportunity to explore the place by driving through the city streets to the major attractions.  This opportunity can be availed by renting a vehicle in the country itself. There are numerous companies offering rental services, but the leading company dealing with rental cars, scooters and VTT in Mauritius is L’Oasis Vacances. It is based in Trou aux Biches and offers 24/7 services to its clients.

L’Oasis Vacances is highly distinguished from its competitors in providing the best quality services at the most reasonable costs. Their staff is highly professional in their work. The vehicles that are provided are all possessed by the company and maintained in very good condition. They deliver cars at any time and at any place on the island. They make continuous efforts to meet all the requirements of the clients. They have diverse fleet of vehicles which include cars from brands like Suzuki, Hundai, Toyota, Nissan, Honda etc.

For individuals who love to travel alone and explore new places, they even provide bikes, scooters and VTT on hire.  They also provide Chauffer driven services on request.  Special offers are available on hiring a vehicle from L’Oasis. When a customer books a vehicle online, he receives 25% discount. Also the huge discounts are provided on booking a car for 7 or more number of days.  Baby seat, GPS System and Sim cards are also provided freely on every booking for minimum 7 days.

Apart from vehicle rental services, L’Oasis provides other services like Mauritius tour guides, Travel agency and Tour operations. These services make L’Oasis a one stop destination for an exciting holiday needs in Mauritius. The national wide services with excellent customer care make L’Oasis the preferred choice of people travelling to Mauritius. They provide services directly without any middle man or agent. People living in Mauritius can even rent their cars at home with L’Oasis.

For people looking for rental services in Mauritius, L’Oasis is the ideal destination. They service to pick up and drop off customers for rentals. They are quick and prompt in delivering the vehicle at the desired location. All of their cars are fully insured. Depending on requirement of the customers, they provide vehicles that may be economical, compact, mid- size, full size, convertible, van, SUV or exotic. They even have accessories that can be rented with the vehicles like Baby seat and GPS systems.

Hence L’Oasis is the best company offering vehicles on rent for the exploration and travelling in Mauritius. To gather more information about their services and offers, visit their website