Julie A. Jacko is a doctorate professor serving University of Minnesota as a Professor of Public Healthcare. This university founded in 1851 is an original land-grant university & also one of the largest healthcare universities in USA. Julie A. Jacko has been titled as one of the Top Ten Most Influential Informatics Professors by HealthTechTopia on September 14, 2010. She is also well-known as educational endeavor & has won many awards having a vast track record of professional leadership excellence.

Julie A. Jacko is an accomplished scholar who studies the human factors in complex domains such as healthcare & healthcare delivery. One of special subjects where Dr. Julie A. Jacko is particularly interested is Health Informatics as it is a boon for the future of patient care. She believes that through secure use & sharing of patient’s health information it will help healthcare providers manage patient care in a much better way. She is the Principal Investigator of the University Partnership for Health Informatics (UP-HI). To maintain people’s valuable health information & for future use, Healthcare Informatics should use electronic health records instead of the conventional paper records. Julie A. Jacko’s externally funded research has been supported by the Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, the National Science Foundation, & NASA. Julie A. Jacko has accomplished a research that is focused on the psychological & perceptual processes underlying the interaction of people with complex systems & particularly modern computer systems. Her Ultimate goal of research is to combine robust empirical results with the development of engineering models of human performance that can aid in the design of real-world systems.

Dr. Julie A. Jacko is committed to her research on user-centered interfaces with computers that have special applications especially for children with healthcare needs, gerontology & informatics. Dr. Julie A. Jacko is well aware of the priorities of the Academic Health Centre & is committed towards their excellence. It has also been mentioned that Dr. Julie A. Jacko adds an extraordinary depth & skills for informatics research & preparation of informaticians within the School of Nursing. She has been working relentlessly for Nursing Science by working & researching on human-computer interface. She has also worked extensively on humanitarian grounds in the field of healthcare delivery. Main goal of Julie A. Jacko is to help & serve its society which leads a nation towards prosperity. Thus Julie A. Jacko with her dedication more in healthcare informatics has worked very hard & Government has honored her many times for the same.