In Secret Sounds, discover the science of Frequency Equivalents – the vibratory edition of vitamins, harmful toxins, organs and other bodily items now available completely through sound energy. Learn about the secret language of the body, improve relationships, understand mysteries in your unconscious mind and far more with targeted sound healing. Riveting, filled with information and miracles.
These mind bending soundhealing methods can be harnessed for your own growth! . Make astounding progress on mental, psychological and bodily ranges.
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Jill Mattson is an author, artist, musician and well known professional and composer in the emerging field of Audio Therapeutic.
She has written four books and produced six CD’s that combine intricate Audio Healing methods together with her authentic Award winning musical compositions (Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD of 2012 – Silver Award).
The CD’s consist of intriguing, magical tracks that also provide deep healing and growth possibilities. Jill’s books delve into the secrets of ancient societies and how music was used as vibrational medicine for the body, mind and soul.
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Your Personal Manual to a Better Life utilizing “Secret” Seems.
Discover the secret language of your body, enhance relationships with vibrations, comprehend mysteries in your subconscious mind, adjust your experience of astrological frequencies, and ascend to a higher level of becoming – using the most exciting unexplored power of the twenty-first century – Audio!!
This fascinating adventure relates the initial approved biography of Sharry Edwards, whose huge possible was realized after 35 years of demanding scientific study. With dogged persistence, insatiable curiosity, and perseverance, Edwards unraveled Audio Healing mysteries, which in the end empower the body to mend by itself. The new science of BioAcoustics is born!
Jill Mattson presents long-lost teachings of Historical Masters alongside with Edwards’ BioAcoustics in a ground-breaking new book organized into three sections:
Part One: Life and work of Sharry Edwards – present day leading Master of life altering Sound Healing & BioAcoustics. Learn:
. How to use sound to enable your body to heal itself
. Benefits of BioAcoustics – How it works
. The Voice print – breaking out your voice into graphs. Your voice is a composite of sounds from every nook and cranny in your body. Learn about holographic information contained within these seems
Part Two: The scientific basis for Sound Healing principles. Read a review of today’s top scientific finds regarding how vibrations run your mind, body and emotions. Learn:
. How sound transports throughout your body and how you can look at your own internal body sounds
. How your brain processes frequencies – like digestion, circulation and others
. How to use the free nanovoice body & personality profiler
. How internal body seems relates to Color Healing, Shapes, Sacred Geometry, Music and Emotions
. How audio impacts your personality and associations
. How rhythms interact within your body and your environment
. The music of astrology and the impact of these subtle frequencies from the stars
. Impact of analog versus digital seems – when to use which system
. Sound and DNA
. Impact of different musical scales
Part Three: Applications. Learn to use techniques from BioAcoustics and Historical Masters for your personal health, development and spiritual mastery. Learn:
. How to use sound as a personality profiler, learn how your seems create reactions in other people, uncover secrets about your own subconscious mind
. How to use and select Sharry Edward’s BioAcoustic services
. How to select music for targeted therapeutic benefits
. Techniques to use your own voice to mend body frequency imbalances
. Use ancient “sound methods” to enhance your energy, improve your subtle energy awareness and expand your consciousness
. Use sounds in your voice for deep and permanent personality changes, discover hidden meanings from other people’s voice sounds
. Change your voice to change people’s reactions to you
. Learn the secrets of listening to the “sounds of silence”

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