1888 Press Release – Dr. Lajtner: Ten Minutes for Two-Three Weeks Force Thinking Does Away with Cysts.

Water has a state that science has actually not explained yet, and it is a state that can be produced by idea. Dr. Tamas Lajtner Ph.D. describes this state of water as adhesive water. Adhesive water can be managed by ideas. It is definitely important, because the body is primarily water. Adhesive water can be produced in the body alsoAdhesive water can be produced in the human body. When it is in its adhesive state, water of body is certainly able to eliminate cysts from ladies’s bust by idea.

Dr. Lajtner has actually invested the last 15 years studying in the working technique of the force of ideas. Based upon the outcomes of his effective study Dr. Lajtner has actually created items that run by ideas. The cumulative name of these thought-run items is the Lajtner Machine. The Lajtner Machine instructs us ways to utilize the force of ideas outside the head. The Lajtner Machine is an advanced gadget of fantastic range. One type of them utilizes water.

The water has an odd consistence in its adhesive state. It resembles glue, and it sticks, and as much as a specific energy it preserves stability. Adhesive water can bringing “heavy” challenge the surface area of water from all-time low of the glass. It is extremely distinct, considering that the density of these “heavy” items is higher than the density of water. Items of terrific density are expected to sink, and not to increase. In its adhesive state, water can be made to move by idea extremely quickly. The primary job is to put the water in adhesive state. The Lajtner Machine instructs ways to do this.

Dr. Lajtner discussed: “Since 65 % of our body, and 95 % of our brain is water, recovering by idea is normally offered for everybody. Personally I can eliminate cysts from ladies’s bust with force thinking. Nevertheless, rather of exercising recovering my objective has actually just recently been to instruct individuals to recoverRather of exercising recovering my objective has actually just recently been to instruct individuals to recover themselves. I do believe, ladies need to obtain this extremely easy ability ways to change water into adhesive water. In the discovering stage the Lajtner Machine is an excellent assistance, for it makes the force of idea noticeable. If the lady included comprehends ways to utilize the force of idea, she will certainly have the ability to alter the state of water. The recovering treatment will certainly start immediately. Kindly be reasonable! This is physics, no miracle! Provide time yourself and keep exercising. Everyone has actually believed force, you too. You might have more and even less time to obtain outcomes than the others. Something makes sure: your practice will certainly bring you the outcomes. “

‘This is difficult.’ ‘Nobody can treat by idea.’ These sentences are the most typical viewpoints about this subject. The factor of these viewpoints is an easy thing: individuals have extremely restricted and baffled photo about the idea power. The financiers themselves are chained by these stereotypes. If someone believes, the idea force does not exists, he/she must disregard this news release.

Dr. Lajtner included: “We are definitely and devotedly ready to pass our abilities and understanding to those in requirement. To do so, we require a crowdfunding project to have our gadget in the shops. Sadly there are a lot more individuals desperate to obtain recovered than financiers, or justThere are numerous even more individuals desperate to get recovered than financiers, or just sympathizers. Must we sign up with and co-operate, and provide a possibility to obtain force thinking by establishing a crowdfunding, we would definitely get extremely far in numerous fields, and among them is conserving lives. You have the chance in your hand and in your head.”

It is not just the cash that backers add to the cause with. It is rather the neighborhood that must stick like adhesive water does, so it brings “creations” of high density to the surface area of water.

The prototypes of our thought-run items work well. The factor they work well is that the Lajtner Machine utilizes the language that both the living and the inanimate acknowledge. This is the most old technique of communication. That is why water comprehends it, too. In addition, the Lajtner Machine stands for the initial step in future’s Thought Technology. Idea force is no matter of faith. This is pure physics.


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