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In a word (and probably a disappointing word

I been on a sort of green perfume kick, but Private Collection just upped the ante on beautiful green florals. Perfect for a formal night out in spring, which is in heartbreakingly gorgeous bloom here in New Orleans.Thanks again to Qwendy of Notes on Shoes Cake Perfume for inspiring me to dig deeper into Estee Lauder library; this sample is from her vintage collection. No, this is the pungent, poisonous, green of days gone by. It was not one of her favorites so it remained unused in our medicine cabinet. After a while I became curious and gave it a try . Yes, it was sharp and at times bitter, but it intrigued me and I wore it often but only in the confines of my house (somehow I knew at the time that no respectable 9 year old should be wearing this mature fragrance!). There is mention of this fragrance as a spring scent (I guess due to its sharp green accord) yet I always envisioned this one worn in the dead of winter (as Anne described during “cold, frosty mornings” or around a warm fireplace fully ablaze!).


In a word (and probably a disappointing word) . no. The fashion industry in general has been hit hard since the recession, but especially in DC  the few department stores/retail outposts that had local merchandisers have eliminated those jobs in the past few years. From what I’ve learned from boutique owners, stylists, local designers, etc, it’s very hard to make fashion a fulltime career here  a lot of those who are “making it,” so to speak, have juggled multiple side jobs to make ends meet. Maybe you should talk to the owners of some of your favorite boutiques about merchandising opportunities, and look into trade associations like Fashion Group International for resources. But in short, it doesn’t seem like the opportunities you’re looking for exist in DC . for now.


In the coat area the body warmer offers supreme flexibility and also warmth for the winter months. Pair a body warmer with a hooded jumper or even a shirt for a stylish and practical look. These jumpers add a different take to a smart look and when teamed with a heavy jacket, shirt, jeans and boots are a very attractive piece of clothing. Burton is full of cabled jumpers in a number of different sizes and colours this season.


White: The most cool and summery of all is White. evening dresses blue  It reflects purity, innocence and optimism. A common perception about white is that it can’t be worn formally, which is wrong. White either complimented with any other color or worn plain, looks classy in formal wear too. Especially considering the hot and humid weather at Eid, one should go for lose fitted white outfit with ‘choridar pajamas’ or white leggings. White can be paired up with gold and silver to give an overall fancy look. Compliment with gold/silver accessories.

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