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Forums have been around for a long time now, but many marketers still don’t know how to effectively use them to market their products and get targeted exposure. We will hold your hand through a few tips for forum marketing that you can use now for great results.

One of the most obvious forum marketing tips is to post in threads that are highly popular. You will get the exposure you want in these highly viewed threads. You have to monitor constantly the forums you are a member of in order to take full advantage of this technique. This is because it will give you an opportunity to take part in a thread as soon as you see it getting active. Most often these threads will get alot of posts in a small amount of time so you need to be sure and post early to be seen in the beginning and not somewhere at the end. Finding popular posts isn’t hard you simply need to look at the activity and views it gets.

Treat the forum like it’s a live event or a social gathering. Don’t forget that every username represents a possible partner and is a living person sitting somewhere. You need to make sure that your attitude is as positive as possible. If you want to see positive responses in the long term then your main focus should be on improving the forum for other people.

You should also ensure that your forum signature is compelling.

Your signature is critical because it is what will help you drive traffic to your site and so you should take advantage of it. You should include a strong call to action in your signature if you want to tempt reader to click through to your site. Having a boring signature won’t serve any purpose because it won’t receive many clicks. If you can use anchor text, you should do your best to make a powerful and unique call to action. Making forum marketing work for you requires that you keep these tips in mind and continue to learn.
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