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How to start a blog?

In the event you are searching for “how to start a weblog?” then you are in the right place. In this publish I go over the various concerns and decisions you have to make whenever you start a blog.

1. What are you factors for blogging? You need to decide what you are running a blog for. Could it be for fun or revenue? In the event you are chasing visitors to your weblog, what do you want them to do once they get there. Maybe you just like to write, that’s fine, blogging can be completely therapeutic in some ways.

2. Determine everything you are heading to weblog about? In the event you are very particular about the reason that you’re running a blog then that will help you comprehend and decide on everything you are going to weblog about. Everything you are heading to weblog about is also determined by the people that you are trying to talk to. You can blog about current news, viral videos or controversial subjects. You can adhere to a particular topic, eg car repairs, or how to get a six pack. By staying consistent on one topic you can acquire credibility and become noticed as an expert in your field. Product reviews can also be a good thing to weblog about.

3. Free weblog or paid blog?

Free blogs are all over the web, merely do a web search and you can find some. Some illustrations are blogger.com, WordPress.com, weblog.com and Weebly.com. Now with most things in life freedom isn’t free. Your blog will not be your own, the domain will be some thing like bradsblog.wordpress.com so you will have the same domain name as many others. In the event you are looking to make money most of the free services don’t permit you to promote on their websites. Free running a blog services aren’t the very best choice but are an easy free way to dip your feet in the water.

Paid weblogs –

For a paid weblog you have to pay for the domain and the hosting. You will then personal the weblog yourself and thus have more control more than the blog whenever you start to try to make money. A great deal of the free weblogs do not allow you to advertise on it. You can use the free program WordPress.org program to put on your blog, which will give you themes and utilities to help make your weblog.

Inexpensive choices is brainhost.com, HostGator.com, GoDaddy.com all provide hosting solutions. For example GoDaddy.com hosting starts at $2.99/month. So that you are searching at about $36 bucks a yr for hosting. Consider an appear at all the choices and find out what special offers you can get. Most of these hosting provides will provide you with directions on how to use their easy 1 click set up of WordPress on your new hosted domain.

4. Domain names

Now you will have to register a domain name (this is the real name of your website/blog). Domains start at about $8 but can go up into the thousands. You can use a service at GoDaddy.com or maddogdomains.com to register you domain name.. The more well-liked domain names usually cost more. Eg clearly you would have no chance purchasing the domain nba.com however you could purchase mynameisjohnsmithfromamerica would be fairly cheap, nevertheless strange. A nice easy option when beginning is to go for names like firstnamelastname.com and so on some thing like that.

You can always change the domain name later on or have more than one all linking to the exact same actual webpage. For example you might personal 3 domain names but have it therefore if you type in any of them they all go to the same website. As soon as your site is up and operating we’ve answered the query “how to start a weblog?” Nevertheless this really is just the start of your journey into blogging! The subsequent stuff you have to concentrate on are traffic and content.

5. Traffic

Whenever you place some thing on your blog you would like people to read it or watch it. This is when traffic arrives in. If you want your weblog to achieve success you’ll need to learn to get traffic to it. There are many different choices right here based on your experience and budget. Basically traffic can be broken down into free and paid traffic.


Once you have your site up and running you’ll need to start posting related content in the form of articles, photos or videos. For suggestions on what to create about check out present trending videos at YouTube.com/charts, news offers like CNN.com or simply Google search news.

For more info, go to what is a blog as well as how to start a blog

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