Automotive Industry in UAE shows up a positive growth rate throughout the year. UAE auto market has remained vibrant when compared to other Middle East automotive markets.  UAE has put up a strong relationship with South Korea, which marked up a boom in the nation’s vehicle industry. UAE is presently South Korea’s export market in the Middle East, and is the second largest Middle Eastern market for South Korean auto Investments. As per recent studies, UAE auto market has breeded considerably.

As per the figures published by the DCCI, Dubai chamber of Commerce, car rental companies, including the retail, repair, parts, accessories etc. have an average turnover below USD1.23m. Dubai has encouraged a number of Governmental reforms, which aims at reducing the congestion produced by the increased number of vehicles on the road. Used car complex at Dubai has also hosted nearly 200 showrooms which offer customers with wide range of selection.

Gulf countries are said to be most competitive in terms of luxury car sales, in the Middle East. The most aggressive auto market is the UAE, which encompasses the largest luxury car market in the region. Abu Dhabi is said to be the tough distributor of BMW, the most popular of all the luxury cars in the market. Motor showroom network of Abu Dhabi has strengthened these days, which is encouraged by the sturdy customer relationships.  

Auto hire market in UAE has turn out to be more and more competitive as most of the car hire uae companies are reducing their charges. This charge reduction will encourage local and global customers in hiring a car, instead of buying a new one. Car loan rejections are getting higher in UAE. Because of this, deportees tend to hire automobiles than taking on more debt. More and more competitors are now entering into the auto hire market. Some of the used cars companies are initiating own car rental businesses to give customers with the option to lease an automobile.

UAE automotive industry has benefitted with the customer credit boom. Up to 80% of car rental in uae depend on auto finance, so, the global credit crisis has put the brake on the growth of car sales in UAE. UAE has become one of the most favourite destinations for automotive companies round the globe. The reason is that, the Middle East has been one of the most flexible automobile manufacture markets when compared to the others. The number vehicles on the UAE roads have showed up a huge increase in the recent years.

A number of online automotive dealers are there in UAE like that of 8Keyz, which will support locales and expatriates in hiring or renting a car in Dubai, upon their choice. Luxury car market in UAE remains strong and grows with considerable amount of disposable revenues. And the UAE investments made in the European vehicle companies has laid the strong foundation of partnership prospects. The improved economy, enhanced populations, introduction of fresh products and favorable demographic trends adds to UAE’s craze to be the world’s leading automotive hub. If you want to know more about the present automobile renting trends in UAE, do visit us at

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