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Facebook has been around for quite a while now, but the way it has scaled and reached the 500 million member mark is astounding. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and if you aren’t leveraging this resource you are missing out. By creating a Facebook fan page where people can interact, you can easily join the Facebook craze and start expanding your business. The only way you can ensure that you have fresh people joining your fan page on a daily basis is by sending new visitors to it regularly. A smart way to do this is to optimize your page for the search engines so that you can get organic traffic coming in. Given below are a few simple to apply tips that can help you grow your fans efficiently.

Push Button Millionaire One very basic tip is to give your Facebook fan page as many inbound links as you can because they will help your page get a better ranking in the search engines. The same rules apply to a regular fan page; for example, the more inbound links point to your page, the stronger your page rank will be. Using “Find us on Facebook” badges on your site is a great way to grow your inbound links. You can also use Fan Box widgets to raise your back links because these widgets contain links to your page as well. Copy A Millionaire

There are certain default spaces where your readers can land, which you will find as soon as you start building your page. One issue, though, is that these areas don’t offer too many alternatives other than links, information and the wall. You can go beyond this by installing the FBML application, which will allow you to add additional tabs/boxes where you can place more optimized content. This makes it easy for you to place more text, images, and links on your page by having more boxes set up. The benefit to you is that your general content score will increase. How does this benefit your page SEO wise? The likelihood of Google noticing your fan page is higher.

Don’t look beyond the power of offering your audience a reward for joining your fan page following. Make a point of offering something of value to your audience in order to get them to follow your fan page. This is important to do if you want to multiply your search engine traffic and reach out to the maximum people. This allows even more people to see your brand in a favorable light. In conclusion, once you effectively optimize your page for the search engines you’ll realize that it’s not really that difficult and doesn’t take much time to show results. And remember that getting targeted search engine traffic to your Facebook fan page is only the first step towards success. You need to consistently put in the effort to grow your search engine traffic by improving your SEO. Even though there are lots of factors that go into making sure your fan page is successful, it is how you use this traffic and use it for future successes that really matters to your business.