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New methods of online advertising may come and go but banner advertising remains a powerhouse for online marketing. Both large and small businesses take advantage of the effectiveness of banner advertising; you can too. Put these three tips to work for you and you’ll have effective banner ads doing the work for you in no time.

The most crucial banner advertising suggestion you shouldn’t forget is to make a landing page that compliments your banner ad. If you do not create a landing page that relates to your banner ad, then the type of response you will get from your ads will not be specific. When people look at your banner ad and click on it to get to your landing page, they should see something that they can relate to. If you have a banner ad that is promoting the giveaway of a free Apple IPod and your landing page says that it isn’t free, then your banner ad has not done an effective job. So be sure that you produce a banner ad that says the same thing the landing page. Creating this small mistake can make you lose a lot of money and create losses. Don’t forget that the viewers you receive from your banner ads are not at no charge, so you really can’t take the risk of not matching up the landing page and banner.

Now you need to turn your attention to the attractiveness of the text. Banner ads simply won’t yield good results without a strong call to action no matter how much time you invest in research and graphics. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Understand this well and use that knowledge to create compelling text for your ad. Look around you and see how the others are doing. See exactly how creative you can get with your banner ad text. Think about what it would take for you to click on the ad. Time and energy invested in creating compelling text content for banner ads is time well spent because you are sure to get an excellent return on that investment.

Finally, attempt to make your banner ads a little more interactive. Ask your visitors to take part in surveys, games or any interactive activity that can get them involved. This is a very effective methods of getting a high response from your banner ads. Understand that there are differences between online marketing and offline marketing. Basically, this means that you might be able to get your targeted audience to get involved with your campaign directly. Once you know the types of things that readers respond to, you can make other ads based upon that info.

All in all, from the above tips we come to understand that getting a high response from your banner advertising campaigns is all about putting in consistent effort to improve your results. There will be times when you see both your page views and conversion ratios drop and then rise, but just continue and see what needs to be improved and do it.
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