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1888 Press Release – Innovative Nonprofit Provides Treatment to Veterans who experience PTSD.


Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL – The Circle of Veterans (COV) is a little however growing not-for-profit begun by an Army Veteran and his partner. The company was formed to offer alternative treatments for people and their households that struggle with Post Traumatic Stress and other deployment related psychological wellness problems. The focus will certainly be on a range of natural holistic types of recovering to consist of: Rapid Resolution Therapy, hypnosis, and Equine (equine) Therapy to name a few. The Circle of Veterans expects being completely functional and assisting households by September 1, 2014.


The COV has actually employed the very best physicians to blaze a trail in these alternative treatments. Dr. Gloria Payne, Ph.D., and creator of Meridian Counseling in Dade City states, “Rapid Resolution Therapy can repair some injury problems in simply one to 2 sessions.”


Dr. Darlene Williams, Ph.D. P. A, a certified psychologist, practices medical & & forensic psychology. She has actually advanced training in hypnosis and equine-assisted techniques, in addition to 26 years of experience in dealing with people with a large range of psychological wellness problems.


    The Circle of Veterans is a little however growing 501 c 3 (pending) company that wased established by an Army veteran and his partner, when they themselves dealing PTSD, believed needs to be a much better method of therapy than simply popping tablets.

    The began investigating and discovered a number of techniques that have actually been shown efficient.

    They have actually put togeter and outstanding group of physicians that offer a host of holistic option treatments to consist of Equine (equine) treatment. The Circle of veterans is found on a 10 acre farm in Dade city Florida.



Therapy will certainly occur on their 10-acre farm in Dade City and can house 2 households of 4 for the seven-day restorative hideaway. “We desired a calm peaceful area where we can grow our own food and teach sustainable farming to our seasoned households,” states Samantha Ridley, co-founder of the COV. The company will certainly likewise provide healthy holistic food preparation, consuming, and living courses including foods from their natural yards and free-range animals.


Circle of Veterans






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