Cherubs Montessori, a kindergarten promoted by Harvest International is one of the most loved schools existing today. Parents feel comfortable to let their kids be here with us because they are sure of the fact that their children will be groomed well with ethics and the apt knowledge of the practical world.

The Harvest Cherubs Montessori believes and follows the teachings and principals of Maria Montessori. She says, “The education of the very young child does not prepare him for school, but for life”. Abiding to this idea, the school has developed a very appropriate environment for the children. We have even renamed classrooms as ‘Prepared Environments’, where a child’s natural enthusiasm is encouraged by letting him or her select to do anything as per his wish from the various activities but under the guidance of our staff member.

It allows a teacher to give individual and personal attention to each child.

Providing practical knowledge through practical exercises is what we focus on, majorly. We want our students to be curious about everything happening around them. This enables them to develop a keen interest in learning, urge for more information and current affairs during their growing up years and years further.

We strive hard to teach them the true meaning of love and that is care and graciousness. If these qualities are imbibed at a very tender age then it becomes very difficult for a person to be ungracious, uncivilized and non-caring at any stage of that individual’s life. Most of the good qualities need to be planted in a child when he is very young and ready to seep in everything that he is being taught.

The staff at the Harvest Cherubs Montessori encourages children to explore every day on their own. We do not scold them unnecessarily for their mistakes or for their curious questions and opinions. We are well aware of the fact that every child takes his own time in learning and exploring, we allow them to be in their own comfort zone but make sure that they do not stop taking knowledge.

We focus on creating an environment where the children feel very secure, feel a sense of belonging which ultimately helps them to develop self-esteem and eventually become a strong person from within.

The Montessori Method that Cherubs applies helps in developing a child on the whole and it can reflect in the personality of a child. He becomes more self-disciplined along with increasing intellectual panorama.

The admissions to the Harvest Cherubs Montessori are now open for the year 2014-2015. You can bring your cherub to us and we promise you that we will take utmost care of your little angel.

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