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There are lots of ways to promote your company and build your brand online–Facebook is just one of them. No matter what type of business you operate, when you want more exposure and a new way to approach your marketing, Facebook is fantastic. But how are you really supposed to use Facebook for growing your business?

Find a Dynamic Fan Page Picture: The fan page you create on Facebook for your business will help your social media strategy. A critical part of your page is using all of the elements. The picture that you use on your Facebook page makes a big difference, because using the wrong one or not using this space effectively won’t do any good. Building a brand is so much easier now that Facebook has provided the option to put a big picture on your page; they know companies of all sizes are using this opportunity. You can see why finding a picture that goes hand in hand with your page is important. It should not only be attractive, but should be clear and concise when it comes to passing on the message to your target audience.

Don’t Use Facebook for Selling -One thing you never want to do is try to directly sell to your friends on Facebook. Instead, you use the social network to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog. Instead of sending people to a sales letter, you’re better off having a low key page that presells them. Keep in mind that people on social networks don’t want to receive sales pitches, so it’s better to make recommendations. So if you really want Facebook to work for your business then don’t sell, but recommend. As long as you’re being sociable and not too aggressive, you can let people know about your site or products.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a custom or vanity url for your page, and you can use your primary keyword for this purpose. This makes your page better optimized, as an url with your keyword in it will tend to rank more highly. This way, people who see your Facebook page will be able to know the subject just from seeing the url. So make effective use of the vanity url to get the best results as it helps you create your own brand. Avoid Sending Too Many Friend Requests: Facebook is very strict when it comes down to spam, which is why you should limit yourself when sending out friend requests from your business account. Obviously, your goal is to meet lots of people, but it’s important to not try to rush the process. The last thing you’d want is Facebook banning you for spam. In conclusion, from the above article we can clearly see that Facebook is here to stay. So many people are using it now that it’s more than a mere social network, and a kind of virtual universe all its own. You may as well take advantage of the opportunity Facebook represents to expand your business and reach out to lots of people in your niche.
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