If you are worried about gaining weight as you begin to quit, then you should try to incorporate a moderate exercise regimen into your daily routine to help curb any weight gain that you might experience. Exercise is the best way to prevent any weight gain from your quitting.

Make sure that you are fully committed before you even start to quit smoking. Many people are not really ready to quit smoking and that is why they ultimately fail. Your commitment to quitting must be substantiated by all of those reasons you have for quitting to begin with.

If you have very strong associations between smoking and drinking coffee or smoking while you’re drinking, you may need to avoid these triggers for a while. Once you feel comfortable enough in your ability to stay away from cigarettes, you can slowly bring back that morning cup of joe or happy hour with your friends.

One way to stop smoking is to get better at quitting. Ask any former smoker you know; he or she probably didn’t succeed after just one attempt. Just stop immediately, and be a nonsmoker for as long as possible. If you do start up again, immediately pick a new “quit” date. Try quitting and remember to try longer each time, as you learn along the way. After a while, you should be able to quit for the very last time.

When you are trying to quit smoking, sometimes you have to change other habits which trigger your desire for a puff. Instead of that cup of coffee or that alcoholic drink, have a glass of juice or water. Many people still have an urge to have a smoke after finishing a meal. After a meal, take a walk. Not only will it help take your mind off having a smoke, it will also help keep off the weight that is commonly associated with giving up smoking.

If you have a loved one or friend that is trying to quit smoking and want to help them, then you need to provide them with your patience, love and understanding. This is the best way to help them out. If you try to push them, you may make it harder for them to quit in the long run.

Avoid carrying your cigarettes around with you. This makes them harder to get to and you will be able to cut back on smoking by doing this. When they are an inconvenience to get to, you won’t smoke them as often. This will eventually help you quit smoking for good.

If you don’t quit once, you can always try again. Even strategies that are extremely sound and begun with great determination do not always achieve the desired result. All you need to do is identify the part where your plan stopped working, patch this “hole” and try, try again. Next time you face a similar situation, you may be ready to succeed.

While quitting smoking is difficult, it is well within your reach with the help of knowledge and determination. The fact is that quitting smoking will provide you immeasurable benefits, so it would behoove you to stop this habit as soon as possible. Using the above advice, create a quit plan and commit to it today!

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