Goa is strategically situated on the western coast which has given it plenty of gold & white sand beaches with clear blue-green waters. Goa’s colonial heritage can be seen in several architectural palaces built in Indo-Portuguese style particularly in Fontainhas in Panaji which shows the life, architecture and culture of Goa in the Portuguese rule. In essence, Portuguese era’s influences can be seen even in few temples of Goa, particularly the Shanta Durga Temple, the Manueshi Temple and the Mahalasa Temple.

There are some holiday resorts in Goa where tourists come for relaxation and enjoying a wonderful time and reveling in the spirit of Goa sans any compromise on luxury and comfort. Such resorts are ideal for both couples and those travelling with children or groups for celebrating any event, or just going out for vacation.

Children particularly become happy with several in-house and beach-side activities and entertainment. Have pool relaxation, participate in yoga and meditation, soothe your body at the spa, have fun to the tune of peppy music created by in-house DJ or have adventurous fun at the beach with water sports, sightseeing and much more. Any holiday resort in Goa would be incomplete without a nicely stocked bar providing both local and international hard drinks and few even have special concepts such as Swim up bars where you can really swim up to the bartender and order your drink which you can relish in the pool.

Due to less excise tax on alcohol, there are many pubs in Goa offering local and international hard drinks at affordable prices. They play awesome music ranging from retro to hip hop to techno which will definitely tempt you to the dance floor. Bartenders at these pubs are highly skilled at creating unique and exotic cocktails apart from the regular ones. Several of them are also good in performing entertaining tricks for guests who time and again come back for more.

Besides drinks, these pubs also provide delicious food and snacks. Goa Beaches also possess shack restaurants which are equally popular amongst vacationers. The restaurants provide yummy dishes of both local and international cuisines. Relish delicious seafood dishes too. Chill; enjoy the music, the scenery along with the service.

You can also enjoy a fun-filled time at any of the best resorts in Goa. The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino is the leading beach resort in Varca Goa. A part of Zuri hotels and resorts, it has luxurious infrastructural facilities for accommodation and superior dining experience. With amenities like grand swimming pools, kid’s swimming pool, exquisite restaurants, discotheque, waterfall café, casino, facilities for corporate and social functions like weddings and several other features, it is an exclusive beach resort.

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