There is no denying that education plays an important role in shaping the future of children. A child is the father of man. All the traits and features of a personality lies hidden in a child that requires to be nurtured and groomed properly in order to let the child evolve as a complete person. Teachers act as true guide who help children realise their loftiest goals and ambitions. It has been proved that the age from one to 5 years is quite crucial so far as brain development of a child is concerned.

Almost 90 percent of the development process gets completed till a child reaches the age of 5 years. A child learns his or her first lesson in home and hence home is also called the first school of a child. Afterwards school plays an important role which offers proper education and training to the child in a favourable learning environment. With proper training and environment a child learns the basic lessons and also sound moral values and discipline in the school.

The Montessori approach of teaching and learning in children is worldwide famous for its effectiveness, naturalness and simplicity. Dr. Maria Montessori is the founder of Montessori Education who believes that learning in children should come naturally. She gave this world Montessori Method of teaching to young children. This method allows children to develop at their own pace and provides educators with a better understanding of child development. Educators in the field set up special environments to meet the needs of the students. Students learn through activities that involve exploration, manipulations, order, repetition, abstraction, and communication. Teachers encourage children to use their senses to explore and manipulate materials in their immediate environment.

Cherubs Montessori is a leading play school in Bangalore that offers world-class Montessori education to children at a highly affordable cost. The school follows teachings and principles of Maria Montessori and imparts and encourages learning in kids through practical lessons as well as through a prepared environment. With a well coordinated team of certified Montessori teachers and dedicated staffs the school caters to the needs and requirements of parents in Bangalore who want to give the best educational start to their kids. Here teachers instil curiosity in child and create a true love of learning that will bring about a world of difference to the child’s personality.

Harvest Cherubs Montessori House of Children has been established with the mission to create the most dynamic and favourable learning environment for children and impart them holistic education to them in areas of practical life, sensorial, language, maths, science and cultural subjects. The experienced teachers prepare the child for future learning and other challenges of their lives. Teachers focus more on imparting valuable lessons of life through practical exercises and thus help in the all round personality development of a child. For more information and services make an online visit to the site at