Finding a cost effective, temporary accommodation in Australia in form of a kit home or transportable home can be quite an uphill task. However these may be essential at times you are looking for accommodation for workers, or a family home, a granny flat or a weekend retreat. You can easily find a leading Kit Homes supplier that can help you get the transportable homes built in a cost effective and seamless way.  

A bunk home is a house on wheels which can be quite helpful for families who are on the move and have children with them. Whether you are in Sydney or in Canberra you can easily get in touch with a leading Kit homes supplier that can meet your customised temporary home needs and requirements. Kit home suppliers will design temporary home or Modular home for you as per your specific needs and preferences. This will save you a plenty of time and money and will help you get a temporary home at a cost effective price in a seamless way. This type of home can be used for your workers’ sleeping and accommodation or for your temporary stay in the area. Even though Kit homes have high quality components and sections but they are not ideal to be built in sloping areas. The problem with sloping areas is that one may need to reinforce the flooring which can be done by excavating, adding steel braces, and cementing the final foundation for the home.

Riverbuilt, a division of Bell River Homes, has been a leading kit homes supplier in Australia which specialises in offering steel framed construction projects ranging from small cabins and residential homes through to larger building developments. The company offers a large variety of architect designed kit and transportable home plans in a wide range of styles that caters to the accommodation needs and requirements of its clients. Being a family owned business the company has made a mark of it and has been a leading supplier of tourists’ resorts, holiday park and resources industries, supplying a wide range of quality cabins, amenity blocks and bunkhouse designs.

The kit homes or prefabricated homes as designed by the architects of Riverbuilt can easily withstand harshest climatic conditions in Australia. These Kit homes are built on unique fully welded RHS steel chassis and using a heavy welded steel frame & truss system that makes it suitable to the rigorous conditions or environmental demands. Riverbuilt homes are known for their quality and top class finish which makes them most sought after by tourists and other people in Australia.  Riverbuilt is thus committed to offer the premium quality kit homes, transportable homes, granny flats & cabins. For more information and services feel free to visit us online at