Looking for a healthcare center for your elderly dear ones who require 24-hours medical care, assistance and supervision? Kenneth Care Home is the best and the perfect choice for you, as working in the same field Kenneth Care Home has achieved a respectable position in the industry of “Nursing Home Care”. As long term care refers not only to provide medical services but also personal, social, emotional and physical services. Kenneth Care Home aims at providing the most substantial care a person requires and can get outside a hospital. In order to provide the best of services Kenneth Care Home follows the regulation of accommodating only 10 to 15 residents in each of its branches, so that the resident can receive more attention and privacy by the nurses. It is always made sure that the needs and the basic necessities like bathing, eating, social entertainment, exercises are done on the daily basis in order to deliver the results beyond expectations.

Kenneth Care Home will be the prior center for everyone in providing information, services, and the best extensive care service provider for nursing care of the elderly. The rooms at Kenneth Care Home are tidy, hygienic and fully air-conditioned. If the elderly is bedridden or wheelchair bound, extra care and attention would be provided at the care home which is difficult for the elderly’s family to provide due to job commitment; here at Kenneth Care Home 24-hours medical and follow-up services are provided. The improvement in health of such cases is only possible if they are under professional supervision nursing care, by making them feel comfortable and warm, by providing them a friendly and homely environment so don’t see the care home as anything but “A Place I Call Home”.

The services that are provided at “Kenneth Care Home” are varied as per the need like hygiene care such as oral care, eye toileting and bed bath; administration of injection, oral medication and various feeding including 3 hourly nasogastric tube feeding; wound dressing and bedsore care; assistance in activities of daily living and many more. if you feel that your loving ones need home care as they age, and if you are looking for a nursing home that promises to take good care of them and be beside them for 24-hours in need, then Kenneth Care Home is the nursing home of your choice because at Kenneth Care Home it is understood that because of your commitment to your job and other work you are not able to take care of your elderly and hence need assistance. To learn more about the services provided at Kenneth Care Home, please log onto: http://www.kennethcarehome.com