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There’s a lot of diverse tactics for free traffic, but just be sure you’re doing your targeting well. This is how you make discoveries that can be valuable to your business growth. There’s great value in looking beyond the obvious, and it’s just something like a learned skill. Time is the value exchange with free traffic generation, and it has always been that way.

One thing that’s interesting about Twitter is that it’s been operating in the shadows and quietly plugging along. There’s a lot that can be said for Twitter because it has an audience that is more involved in meaningful purposes, for the most part. For the most part, online marketers are not there so much as they were years ago. There is no going around the fact that patience is a strong virtue with Twitter. Hash tags are the real secret, and most people don’t use them effectively.

If you want to use article marketing, then it’s still a viable way to get free traffic if you know what you’re doing. This is just the typical result that happens with many methods of internet marketing; however, article syndication is still very much alive and well and will probably remain that way. When you can get some good sites picking up your articles, then you’ll be on your way and this is the whole point of it. But be proactive and seek out any good site in your niche for this purpose.

Of course we have to mention video marketing because it’s a killer way to get highly targeted traffic for no cost other than a little time. If you like being creative, then videos are a nice break from writing so much plus it’s kind of fun to do. In addition to the video content, use good audio in the right places such as the introduction and ending. Getting along at YouTube can be a little challenging if you’re an affiliate marketer because YouTube and Google don’t seem to care much for affiliates. Free traffic is all over the web, and whether you like this or not it’s there if you do. But it doesn’t matter because you can use it and convert it to paying customers. How far you want to take this traffic generation model depends on the time you have.
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