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Finding an IVF clinic in Singapore

You ve decided that you want to explore the option of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to conceive your baby. Understandably, creating this decision is momentous, and you may be filled with trepidation, both at the high cost, physical toil as well as mental strain that the IVF process can create on you and your partner. Choosing the right IVF clinic in Singapore along with a supportive doctor can make all the difference in the experience you have. Here tend to be a couple tips on finding an the right Singapore IVF clinic and how to get began in the process.

What to look for in a Singapore IVF clinic

The practitioner
Most people choose their IVF clinic by first choosing the gynecologist they want to consult. In Singapore, there tend to be a number of fertility specialists who are well-known for their IVF treatments. If you may be definitely not able to discover out through recommendations as well as research, try asking the clinic who their ideal doctor is.


Make sure to choose a gynecologist that you feel comfortable communicating with. There’s nothing incorrect with interviewing a very few to find a person that you can trust. You should definitely not go through IVF feeling helpless and uninformed regarding the process.

Track records

Don’t be afraid to ask for the clinic or the practitioner s success rate in IVF treatments. IVF is expensive, and it is just fair you are given a clear assessment of the clinic’s reputation and your chances.

Treatment options

There isn’t just one kind of IVF treatment, however rather a range of options. You should ask the gynecologist to present you with options and to explain them to you. Make sure to ask about the type of drugs and dosage involved, to find out precisely why he or perhaps she recommends them.


IVF for Singaporeans is co-funded by the Singapore Government, however there can nevertheless be a big difference between your costs of seeing a top specialist at a private clinic vs subsidised treatment at a public hospital. You should find out what you have to pay, as well as if you can use Medisave for both subsidized and non subsidized IVF treatment.

IVF policies

Make sure to discover out what type of polices the IVF treatment is subjected to. For subsidized IVF treatments, you can find that you are only allowed a maximum of 3 rounds. Private clinics however can certainly not set a limit.

The wait time

Some IVF clinics tend to be busier than other people, and can involve an extended wait time. You should discover out if creating an appointment is easy, as well as if you’re willing to tolerate waiting to see a popular doctor.

IVF clinics in Singapore

Most IVF clinics in Singapore tend to be located in Singapore’s primary hospitals, although some tend to be additionally housed in private facilities. In beginning your research process, you can start at the local hospitals, that will offer the most subsidized rates. Among them, KK Women s and Kids s Hospital has the largest IVF department and provides the cheapest treatment costs.

However, many mums swear by the best experts working in private IVF clinics as they feel the expertise is worth the high price. Some of these gynecologists offer more personalised consultations, and many are ready to carry out multiple IVF rounds until a successful pregnancy is achieved.

Popular IVF clinics in Singapore

Aside from KKH, consider these popular IVF clinics in Singapore:
. Raffles Fertility Centre, Raffles Hospital, Singapore
. Thomson Fertility Centre, Thomson Medical Center, Singapore
. O & G Partners Clinic for Women, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
. Fong’s Clinic for Women, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
. Christopher Chen Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
. Ladies s Health & Fertility Centre, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore
. The Centre for Women & Fertility, The Paragon, Singapore
. Centre for Assisted Reproduction (CARE), The Paragon, Singapore
. Emerald Ladies s Clinic, National College Hospital, Singapore

Find out more about IVF Singapore by visiting http://pregnant.sg/articles/finding-an-ivf-clinic-in-singapore/

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