indulge me for a moment while i reminisce the 80’s filled with neon, slouchy shirts, scrunchies and jelly shoes. if you didn’t have a pair of jelly shoes you were probably wishing you owned a pair. they were kind of a big deal. fast forward twenty years and consider what’s trending in style: neon, slouchy shirts and most recently, jelly shoes. that’s right, they’re back. Jelly Beans has launched their brand new jelly shoe this month. it’s cute, it’s fun, it’s functional and it’s one of my favorite throwbacks yet. coming in a variety of colors (neons included!) you can affordably fashion your feet in summer’s pragmatically precious shoes. with adult and child sizes available you can outfit the whole family with lace shorts. with my newest wardrobe addition of clear Jelly Beans jelly shoes i had so much fun styling them for summer. perfect for the pool they keep you cute and comfortably safe from scorching hot poolside cement. i paired them with my black & white geometric swimsuit i recently scored at the Shade clearance sale, along with my Tractr ombre fray shorts which are incredibly comfortable, flattering, stretchy & white hot popular right now. to top it off, literally, was my Express slub tee and Bone & Arrow necklace. if you’re interested in picking up a pair of Jelly Beans jelly shoes, head to the Jelly Beans website or make sure to follow their social channels for the latest news Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. one of my favorites perks of online shopping is that you can score FREE SHIPPING within the US from the Jelly Bean’s site.



we’ve moved – and we’re still moving. having made the trek from Colorado to Washington we have stayed with Tman’s parents, my parents, hotels and beach houses. still working on our house hunt our final move is yet to come. for those of you who move often you know the challenges of living out of a suitcase, temporarily surviving off of the bare minimum of clothing, cosmetics and everything in between. the question is how to create your own escape within the walls of your own home (or temporary residence). one thing that really roots me is consistently using the same products on the road as i would in my own home. the same pillows, the same soap, the same shampoo…you get the idea. NIVEA invited me to join the Escape challenge in creating my own escape at home while using the new Touch of Frangipani body wash. i immediately headed to Pinterest for inspiration (natch) and searched for ideas on how to create my own escape. after drooling over household after household i noticed one commonality in all of these dream bathrooms, they each came decorated with their coordinating orchid of choice.

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