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May 11, 2021

Every Saturday Should Be “Small Business Saturday”

Fact. It’s no surprise that here at Local Hem we love, love, love to “shop small” at our favorite boutiques, which is why we are so excited by American Express’ newest initiative, Small Business Saturday. Positioned primely between “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, “Small Business Saturday” (November 26th) is the day to get your shop on at your favorite independently owned businesses and if you need ideas about what shops to put on your Small Business Saturday agenda, just poke through our selection of outstanding online boutiques here womens hoodies. As a bonus, if you’re an AmEx cardholder, you’re eligible to earn a $25 credit on any purchase of at least $25 on Small Business Saturday at any locally owned independent small businesses (boutiques!) that accept American Express. Got your AmEx ready? Go here to register it. Additionally, small business owners can sign up at the Small Business Saturday site to see if they are eligible for $100 in facebook advertising credit! That’s it! Now go shop boutiques! Our ongoing Designer Spotlight series highlights our favorite boutique designers. Just like we love to know the stories of the boutiques we’re buying from, we are equally interested in the stories behind the items they’ve chosen to carry. So the next time someone says, “where did you get that?!” you’ll have your very own story to tell! Now, let us introduce you to Bensimon, available at Sadie’s Boutique in Arlington, MA. We all love those classic and timeless pieces, the ones that you keep (and wear) each year, the ones that never go out of style, and most importantly, the ones that will endlessly serve as the absolute base of your wardrobe. Bensimon is the designer that has provided these classic pieces to generation after generation of stylish women (and men). Bensimon originated as a family business that imported second-hand American clothing to France during WWII, eventually evolving to create their first Collection inspired by military and travel. Since this “glamorous and functional” collection in 1984, Bensimon has become a staple in many women’s wardrobe. Their most popular item, their Tennis sneakers, are available in approximately 100 colors (available at Sadie’s Boutique online)cardigans for women cute! But do you want to know what we love most about Bensimon? All of their glamorously functional pieces are designed to create and provide each woman with endless possibilities of self-expression through colors and design. “My conception of the fashion is not to transform people or to print a brand. I want to give them trust in themselves and enhance their own personality.” – Serge Bensimon So ladies, in the words of Serge Bensimon, trust in yourself… and get a pair of these casually chic Bensimon tennis shoes! Want to see more? Check out Local Hem’s facebook page for celebrities wearing this classic boutique buy.

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