Getting engaged is an important milestone in anyone’s life; as such it should be properly celebrated and embraced. Part of that celebration is finding just the right engagement gift. For those looking for gifts for engagement in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), there are a lot of options on the market, but the best and fastest way to shop is through

Gifts for Men in Dubai

If one is looking for gifts for men in Dubai there are a lot of different options to choose from. Traditional gifts for engagement in the UAE range from flower arrangements to sweets, but which gift is most appropriate for a man getting engaged depends on the sender, and the recipient. For instance, a simple gift of flowers might be enough for a man one doesn’t know well but whom you want to congratulate. On the other hand, flowers might be considered a womanly gift by some men but certainly not all because many men love flowers, and therefore not a very good choice in that situation. Before choosing an engagement gift it’s important to know what message needs to be sent, and to pick a gift that will be best received. RBasketCompany offers a diverse selection of engagement gifts for the men in your life such as plants, cupcakes, and functional gift baskets. Some of our most popular gifts for men are a “Bonsai Joy” tree, “Ready to Face the World” Gift basket, and an “Executive VIP box” for the professional man.

Gifts For Women in Dubai

When it comes to getting engagement gifts for women in the UAE, it’s a good idea to check the arrangements currently popular in flower shops in Dubai. These shops pride themselves for being on the cutting edge of arrangements, gift styles, and knowing what is the ideal present at any given time for those who’ve just gotten engaged. What’s more, they often have delivery services available for when customers need to send their congratulations quickly, and they want the flowers to be fresh when the new member of a happy couple opens up the box.

In addition to flower shops in Dubai, it might also be a good idea to check with chocolate and cake shop when looking for engagement gifts for women in Dubai. Chocolates and sweets are a solid gift choice for those who have gotten engaged, as well as for courtship. In fact, if it’s the couple exchanging gifts, it might be seen as romantic to give a gift that was memorable during the initial courtship. It shows that one partner remembers the little details, and it can be shown as a way to point out how far they’ve come from where they began.

Choose Your Gifts Carefully
When shopping for gifts for your loved ones or friends, special considerations must be made! Do they prefer candy, or flowers? Perhaps both? Whether you are looking for flowers, candies, perfumes, birthday gifts or celebratory gifts for any other occasion, be sure to check out R Basket Company. Their website allows you to easily sort through gift occasion, and quickly and efficiently place a gift order!

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