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Sewage Treatment Plants
You use a lot of water to maintain our daily lifetime designs to meet our everyday demands. You use good deal of chemical products like detergents, soap, phenyls and insecticides in our everyday life as well as most of them tend to be washed away to the sewage system of our houses. Other dirty and unfit water wastes are all flushed by us in the sewage system. These sewage water wastes are generally discharged into the natural water system such as the rivers as well as the oceans. So this sewage waters causes a great deal of water pollution as well as in turn can make us ill. Thus to avoid the water pollution you have to treat the sewage water before discharging them in the natural water bodies. The complete process of treating the sewage water is done in the sewage treatment plant.

The sewage treatment system is a big setup made close to the river banks where the sewage water is treated to remove all of the pollutants before it is discharged into the rivers. The sewage treatment system consists of the following processes: –

1. Pre-treatment: – it is the basic treatment that is done before the primary treatment is done to remove all of the basic wastes that can be removed easily. This process can be further divides as: –
. Grit removal: it is done in a chamber where the sand, grit, stones, broken glasses etc are allowed to settle and the removed.
. Flow equalisation: it controls the flow of sewage water and balances the toxics present in the sewage.
. Fat as well as grease removal: in a couple big sewage treatment system fat and grease are removed by the help of skimmers or through forth.
2. Primary treatment: – it is the basic step of all sewage treatment system where sewage water are allowed to pass through number of tanks where the sludge can settle down where as the grease and oil floats up that is removed by help of mechanical skimmers.
3. Secondary treatment: – it is the major part of any sewage treatment system where biological wastes such as human waste, food waste, detergent and soap wastes tend to be treated in an aerobic biological process. The bacteria and protozoan act upon the wastes and help degenerate them or the one non biodegradable tend to be formed to floc.
4. Tertiary treatment: – it the final process in any kind of sewage treatment system where the amounts of effluents are further reduced or processed thus that they are acceptable to the environment. This process is also known as “effluent polishing”.

The sewage treatment system plays a major role in keeping the environment clean and pollution free and keeps you healthy.

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