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If you re thinking of following the traditional Singapore Chinese practice of confinement, you might consider hiring a confinement nanny. A confinement nanny is typically a mature female whom has a lot of experience in confinement practices and wisdom to help you recovery quickly from delivery as well as nourish your body back to full health. With changing times, however, many women today either choose to not practice confinement or choose to do it on their own. If you re trying to decide just what to do, here are a few questions to ask your self to see if you need a confinement nanny.

Just what does a confinement nanny do?

A confinement nanny serves the purpose of:
. Educating new mums and dads on the practices of confinement
. Buying or perhaps guiding the family on exactly what ingredients and herbs to buy for confinement
. Preparing all the special confinement food for the family
. Doing the laundry
. Bathing and relaxing the baby
. Feeding the baby (unless you choose to breastfeed)

You need to bear in mind a confinement nanny is certainly not a domestic helper however a postpartum companion for you as well as the baby. If you have older children, it won t be her responsibility to babysit them, although you could maybe negotiate this with her. You should not expect her to undertake major household cleaning aside from ensuring dishes tend to be washed as well as aspects are kept tidy.

Just how do I find a confinement nanny in Singapore?

There are certainly not many confinement nannies working in Singapore, so finding the right nanny for the family can be a tricky process. One method to discover a confinement nanny is to ask the hospital where you re giving birth. Hospitals such as KKH have confinement nanny training programs, so that they can provide you with a list of nannies.

Yet another source is confinement nanny agencies, that specialize in matching families with confinement nannies. A couple of the bigger agencies in Singaporeinclude PEM, GPLS as well as NannyPro. The benefit of utilizing an agency is that it’s a much faster process to engage a confinement nanny that is available after the birth, very than calling up contacts one by one. Also, if your own confinement nanny falls ill or is unable to fulfill her responsibilities, the agency can send a substitution.

The best way to discover a confinement nanny, though, is probably individual advice. The friends, family as well as co-workers are most likely to be honest with you in assessing the confinement nanny who they used. You should ask if the nanny cared well for the baby, if she was a good cook and whether or not she had a pleasant and clean character. Alternatively, you can do research online on the different motherhood portals to find individual recommendations from other moms.

How much does a confinement nanny cost in Singapore?

Hiring a confinement nanny doesn’t come cheap due to the fact you re essentially paying for specialized experience and wisdom. Singaporean nannies are also typically more reluctant to stay in with your own family for all 28 days or perhaps more. This really is the reason why many families choose to engage a Malaysian nanny, that will travel to live as a part of your family for the complete duration.

A stay-in nanny can be expensive though. Expect to pay typically up of $2,300, and it can be regarding $3,200 for confinement during festive periods such as the Lunar New Year. If you find this from your budget, consider a nanny that comes for the day just. And if your husband is ready to do more home chores, you might just need a confinement meal delivery service, which would definitely cost a lot less.

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