Utility & Feasibility: Above-ground and In-Ground swimming pools differ in terms of personal usage type. For amateurs, above-ground swimming pool can be safer. Relatively, in-ground swimming pools are dangerous. Particularly, when having pets and small children, in-ground swimming pools can be dangerous. But, if diving is the purpose of new swimming pool then in-ground swimming pool is the only choice as above-ground pools wouldn’t serve the requirement of depth. Also, the size and shape of swimming pool desired will require the appropriate space for its installation. Typically, an in-ground swimming pool requires much more space than an above-ground swimming pool. Also, the shape and structure of the backyard or the place where swimming pool is to be built might not be feasible at times for an in-ground swimming pool.

Portability: Both kinds of swimming pool demand a different level of commitment; explicitly, in-ground swimming pools demand higher. Also, in-ground swimming pools are kind-of fixed structures. They don’t reflect portability. Suggestively, a person who keeps changing home frequently better not opt for an in-ground swimming pool unless money is not a concern. Above ground pool parts and kits can be moved to the place of new residence easily and installed there.

Cost: Evidently, in-ground swimming pools cost much more to build and maintain than above-ground swimming pools in terms of time, money and efforts. In-ground swimming pools could take weeks or even months to construct if the design and structure is complex. In-ground swimming pools are also very expensive to construct, especially if the design and structure of the swimming pool desired are unusual, specialized and complex. In-ground swimming pools demand professionals and skilled labour to construct and get the pool ready for use. Whereas, above-ground swimming pools are much easier regarding all these factors. A normal person can just buy above-ground pool parts & kits and self-build the pool. The total cost of building and getting above-ground swimming pool ready for use is also relatively lesser. Also, portability of above-ground swimming pool saves one from spending again on new swimming pool when moving to a new place.

Both, above-ground and in-ground swimming pools have their own utility, benefits and limitations. Which type of swimming pool one chooses clearly depends on personal factors like who will use swimming pool, will the use be casual or serious (diving for instance), how much time, money and efforts can be committed for construction and maintenance. If the usage of swimming pool is less and also if swimming pool is being used by kids then above-ground swimming pool is better to opt for. Even as per experts at My Pool Store, a leading online pool store, above-ground swimming pool is value for money and easy to maintain compared to an in-ground swimming pool.

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