People suffering with diabetes need to take special care about their health. Individuals in general should focus on how they can prevent themselves from getting affected by diabetes or for that matter any other health or physical issue that can affect your mental health too. People suffering from diabetes should try to remain fit. They can do this by trying some exercises.

They should try doing some moderate and regular exercise. But, always consult your doctor on what type of exercise best suits your body type, etc. Including exercise in your routine life will help in regulating blood glucose levels, lose weight, stress reduction and improve the action of insulin. There are some work-outs that we can suggest you, but again, it is important that you ask your doctor before attempting on any.

You should walk for 20 minutes after every meal. This will help you a great deal in improving digestion and insulin effectiveness. Instead of taking lifts, try climbing stairs this too will work wonders for you. Avoid taking a vehicle for small distances travel. The idea is to make you walk as much as possible. You should always eat small proportions before starting with your exercising session because exercising on empty stomach usually leads to low blood glucose levels and it goes actually very low which  can cause hypoglycaemia.

Diet is another issue that has to be looked after very seriously by the diabetic patients. These people have the tendency of eating a lot. Their diet, at times can even get uncontrollable. You should always consult a qualified dietician who can advise you on what you are allowed to eat and what not and also how much you can eat at a time. Focus on maintaining your weight at desirable levels. You should always follow your breakfast, lunch and dinner timings and never should you skip your meals.

Many people have the habit of eating in rush, swallowing or gulping which is not a right eating technique. You should always eat slowly and in a relaxed manner. Never eat large portions of meal at one go, you should try dividing your prescribed calories intake in a day, into smaller meals ( 6 to 8 meals per day) at regular intervals. Try eating your dinner well before 3-4 hours of going to bed. To avoid Hypoglycaemia, have a cup of low-fat milk after 2-3 hours of dinner.

Always take your medicines or insulin intake on your regular time. You should never alter the dosage of the prescribed medicines without consulting your doctor. If a person can do all this, then he will be able to deal with diabetes more resolutely.

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