The 50 Shades of Grey series was a boon for booksellers all across the world, as legions of hungry female fans flocked to shops each time a new chapter in the story of Anastasia and Christian was released. But it’s not only women who have been influenced by this story of kinky sex. In fact, research suggests that some men are incorporating a little grey into their self-sex lives, and they may need personalized penis care as a result.

Kinky Techniques

When men feel erotic and have no partners standing by, a warm hand and a little lubricant can usually bring relief and release. However, firemen and police officers worldwide have reported a disturbing increase in the number of people who need help due to self-sex encounters involving:
• Handcuffs
• Toasters
• Vacuums
• Pipes

Some of these encounters obviously caused the men pain, and yet, they were willing to push past that pain in order to feel some kind of intense erotic gain. This is just the sort of thing a character in a 50 Shades book would do, and it seems to suggest that S&M sex is moving into the mainstream.

Dangerous Practices

While spicing things up in the sexual arena can be fun and a little naughty, it can also be remarkably dangerous. After all, a man who incorporates these techniques into his private life is inflicting sharp objects on a part of his body that’s engorged with blood. One wrong move or sudden gesture could put that erect member in direct contact with an immovable object, and that could cause a fracture. Penile fractures like this are serious, often requiring surgical correction.

Blending pleasure and pain can also allow a man to bypass the signals his body sends when his body is being pushed to its limits. His skin could be scratched and frayed, calling out for help, but he might feel as though he should ignore those signals and keep moving forward. Skin damage like this tends to heal with thick scar tissue that doesn’t tend to flex. A man’s erections, after years of this rough treatment could be significantly smaller as a result.

Underlying Causes

Some men engage in these acts because they’re curious, and they enjoy spicing things up just a little bit. It breaks down the monotony of life and makes sex just a little more fun. But some men get involved in this Grey area because they have hidden cases of sensitivity loss.

Penile skin is lined with nerve cells that are designed to transmit feelings of both pressure and moisture. These nerve cells can fade away without proper nutrition, but they can also be blunted by layers and layers of scarred tissue. Rough clothing, tumbling sports and harsh soaps can all leave their mark on the penis, leaving it numbed and incapable of functioning properly. Men with this difficulty may only feel pleasure when they get a little rough. But getting rough means doing more damage, and causing yet more insensitivity.

Breaking this vicious circle means stopping rough sex for a time. Giving the skin a break is a great way to begin the healing process. Then, it’s time to pay attention to the health of penile skin. Washing carefully, using only water and gentle massage, can help to loosen dry skin without irritating delicate tissues. After the bath, using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be vital. These products should contain nourishing agents that can breathe new life into nerve cells, while emollients can soften and smooth even the roughest skin. Within a few weeks of dedicated use, a man may find that he doesn’t need to channel his inner spank monkey in order to feel pleasure. Maybe only soft touches will do the trick. For men who have been engulfed in a lifestyle of Grey, a penis health crème could be the key to a life where no pain is needed.

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