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May 10, 2021

Dancing under the blossom tree.

We met up for a photoshoot for Beauxoxo! They are a stunning hair accessories brand, making cute hand-made items that are girly, whimsical and full of playful charm. I was lucky enough to be asked to join in and had a hair band custom made for me, which was extremely perfect. We danced under blossom tree’s while Kitty snapped away outerwear for women. There were so many highlights to the day, but meeting a little squirrel who came and sniffed my hand was probably one of the best. Of course getting to spend time singing and dancing with Olivia, Arabella, Emily, Helen, Kitty and Georgie was brilliant. Also a massive thank you to those who contributed towards our lovely goodie bags, everything was so perfect and made the day that little bit more amazing. I particularly loves the sunglasses, collar clips from Jewelry by Jayme and of course my gorgeous custom head bands from Beauxoxo I wore this paisley dress from Motel Rocks shirts, which I had my eye on for months! When I finally got it a few weeks ago I wanted to save it for the photoshoot. Pale blue is my favorite colour at the moment, and with the pretty paisley pattern I knew I had to have it. I really like Motel’s off the shoulder style dresses, however I did feel it was a little tight on me! But that’s just because I seem to have a tiny body and chubby arms haha. I styled it with a lace blazer and my Topshop heeled sandals that I cannot seem to stop wearing.


I have been spending the evening at my boyfriends house, and as we both usually have some time doing our own thing, I really fancied browsing some clothing stores, like per usual. This time however I felt I really wanted to put together some wish lists as it’s been a while!! I already have so many clothes and been sorting our piles of stuff to give away and sell, but I just keep seeing more lovely things. So, here they are..

I love the plain staple pieces in Topshop at the moment, as I am not officially a ‘student’ anymore and I have no job as of yet, I am trying to be more picky when it comes to shopping. Looking more at simple items I can wear more and mix and match! However that beautiful daisy necklace would be a treat! Yes, please. Asos are probably the best shop right now for fun, quirky items as well as on trend key pieces. I love the floral dungarees, although they may just be a guilty pleasure and I would only wear them once, how cute would they be!! I think If I am going to buy something from this wish list it would be between the ballet pumps and the trouser pinafore, I just can’t choose as I really love them both.
A few other items I have been lusting over are these delectable beauties. The dress is a ‘new in’ on Chicwish and I HAVE to have it, simply because it is perfect for me, it will be in my summer wardrobe because it’s just to pretty. The polka dot top from Motel Rocks would look so perfect under the black pinafore trousers, with those ballet heels ;)!! It looks like a great summer top to have because it’s loose and easy to wear. And last but not least, the cute floral head-band names after me, I keep meaning to buy it but perhaps someone will get it for me. after all my birthday is May19th.. So there you go guys, get shopping on presents! haha.

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