Here at MDIS, the school of engineering has an aim in training their engineering pupils in various expertises through organising first-class engineering module. They guarantee that they carry this out by conducting excellence and providing opportunities for leadership advancing in their individuals that are in every of the engineering modules. The school of Engineering is staffed by highly-qualified individuals and experienced individuals. Pupils will also get to experience hands on with the new equipments in the school’s well-equipped rooms and rooms.

The competition is very challenging in the working world. In order to face global problems when students advance from MDIS, the learning centre is promoting engineering students programmes together with their world’s renowned university partner, the University of Bradford. The engineering related courses there accredited by professional bodies in the UK and are well-regarded by the certifier of the Washington Accord. This means quite a famous and honorable awareness for pupils that are going to do this engineering course. All these engineering classes in MDIS hopes to prepare its graduates for work-related issues in all kinds of engineering activities covering from R&D, product design to development and manufacturing.

To further aid individuals who are interested to commence on a/an happening role in engineering but are incompetent to do so due to the lack of necessities to enroll the undergraduate modules, MDIS school of engineering also does a Diploma in Engineering course. Upon the successful completion of this diploma in engineering to the appropriate level, individuals are then capable to pick up an admission to the first year of undergraduate engineering classes over here at MDIS as well as the University of Bradford.

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