The size of brain and the level of its activity are not same in every child. Some children are able to make maximum use of their brains and are considered intelligent. While there are others who have the potential but are not able to utilize their brain to the maximum level. The genetic factors, the surrounding environment, the place of learning etc. all contribute towards the level of intelligence a child possesses. Intelligence cannot be measured just in terms of IQ. Critical thinking, logical reasoning, solving mathematical problems, innovative and creative ideas are different components that make a child intelligent or dumb.

The best example to realize the difference in the cognitive capabilities and intelligence levels of children is the class room. Although the same teacher and the same things are taught to very student in the class, only a few are able to score good and come in the top ranks. Others are rated as average or below average. Parents worried about their child’s intelligence search for memory boosters and memory enhancing products in the market. These products claim to increase the intelligence level of the children but fail to deliver the results.

Research has found that through various brain exercising activities the performance of a child in class can be improved. Guru Kids Pro offers a highly selective program tailored specifically for children between 4-12 years to increase their intelligence. It is a Singapore based Company that has designed an interesting curriculum for children to supplement their primary school education. The programmes have been designed by adopting the best thinking skills programmes in the world.

Guru Kids Pro offers services like Analytical Critical Thinking, Brainwise, High Potential Learners Program and Consultation & Cognitive Assessment. The focus of these programmes is on spatial-visual, logical-mathematical and verbal linguistics. The children enjoy the process of solving puzzles and quizzes but at the same time they are really doing serious thinking and building a basis for future experiences in critical thinking.

Guru Kids Pro has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to increase cognitive abilities to impact your child’s working memory, comprehension, attention, processing and critical thinking. They ensure that the change in the thinking of the child can be viewed with 2 months of the program. Their certified and experienced teachers provide individualized attention to every student and his/her specific learning style and abilities. Only a limited number of students are taken in a batch to ensure that no body is left behind.

With the assistance of Guru Kids Pro you can nurture your child’s intelligence in a natural and healthy way without medicines or supplements. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Guru Kids Pro and see your child’s intelligence reach new levels. For further information refer to