1888PressRelease – Latest Patents Cover Methodology to Clone a Larger System Drive to a Smaller System Drive.

Aliso Viejo, Calif. – CMS Products Inc. announced today the issuance to it by the US Patent Office of a two patents that cover the methodology for cloning a larger system drive to a smaller system drive.

The patents for invention numbers 8,560,501 and 8,566,288 are for the Methodology of Cloning a Larger System Drive to a Smaller System Drive.

“These latest patents make claims in connection with our technology that allows for the cloning of a larger system drive to a smaller system drive while still maintaining bootability,” said Ken Burke, President, CMS Products. “It expands the number of CMS patents issued to 13, which adds confirmation to CMS Products leadership in developing technologies in data security, data backup technology and data management,” he said.

The patents assure that when cloning a larger system drive to a drive of smaller capacity that the cloned drive retains partition structures, operating system components and applications ensuring bootability of the smaller system drive.

“Full system backup is a powerful time saving recovery tool for individual users as well as remote corporate users. BounceBack software gives users Instant Recovery with the unique ability to start their system from their external full system backup, the addition of these patents, which are fully integrated into BounceBack makes this product even more unique,” said Mr. Burke. “CMS has various patents covering the lifecycle of data management and has committed resource to continual development in secure data management.”

CMS also owns a variety of patents centered on USB boot and data backup. This technology allows a computer user to have Instant Recovery of their system in the event of a system failure. Full system backup, external USB boot and secure erase are valuable tools in the management of important user data or corporate Intellectual Property.

As demand for secure data management increases CMS is positioning itself as a technology leader by investing in the development of innovative solutions which solve customer requirements ranging from large corporations to the individual user. To learn more about CMS Products visit us at http://www.cmsproducts.com or visit our security site at www.cesecure.com .

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Established in 1983, CMS Products, Inc. is a leading innovator in data backup, encryption and security technology for business users and consumers. CMS products are sold in more than 90 countries, with installation of more than four million units worldwide.

CMS Products offers an extensive line of personal computer security products including “Management Ready” encrypted USB flash drives, external encrypted USB hard drives, and encryption software, as well as full Disaster Recovery solutions including external hard drives that support system recovery and backup software which creates a full system recovery that can be used to restart a failed computer.

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