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Melbourne is one of the most richly and distinctly populated cities in the world and every year the population swells even additional due to the invasion of tourists and business people travelling through the city. With first-rate transport connections and some of the world’s most famous tourist places, this Australian city has become a Hub for large and small hotel owners. From the luxurious and very grandeur 5 star super hotels to basic hostel accommodation Melbourne has it all. Many Melbourne hotels offer some of the best hotel deals in the Melbourne in order to appeal more and more tourists and business visitors.

Finding hotel accommodation in a city as large as Melbourne is not an easy task. The vast choice of hotel accommodation in Melbourne can very often make it hard to identify a hotel that best suits your needs. Though many establishments provide cheap Melbourne hotel accommodation, it is frequently the case that you get what you pay for and the cheap price is a replication of the sub-standard accommodation.

There are many small and very individual hostel accommodations in Melbourne providing superb services. These Melbourne accommodations are frequently considered to have a much more personal touch than some of the large multi-national hotel chains due to the limited number of rooms and much smaller communal spaces. Many offer deluxe and luxury suites but this is often reflected in the price of these establishments as often their smaller size means that they have to charge more in order to meet the luxury standards of larger Melbourne hotels. In addition to this there are also a number of small B&B’s, Guesthouses and Hostels offering standard hotel accommodation for reasonably cheap prices.

These individual hostel accommodations offers laundry service as there are self-serve coin operated laundry machines available 24 hours located on the ground floor of the accommodation so you can keep your clothes clean, kitchen if you prefer to cook your own meals. These accommodations have renovated kitchen space with stove, fridge, eating area (with cable television) and personal storage cupboards for your food. These hostel accommodations offer washrooms for male and female with complete facilities of showers, toilets and sinks. The women’s washrooms also include extra amenities including large mirrors and unique decor. To keep you safe and provide security in shape of swipe card room and floor access, luggage lock-ups in all rooms, CCTV cameras and in-house Security guard – 7 nights a week. Many facilities like common room sharing, free internet, barbeque night also offered by these hostel accommodations.

Habitat HQ, located at ST. Kilda is the most contemporary & environmentally sustainable backpacker & budget accommodation property in Melbourne. Habitat HQ is an award winning accommodation in Melbourne’s diverse beachside suburb. Every morning guests are served with a complimentary breakfast. Apart from it additional amenities like a fireplace in the lobby, secure parking, BBQ grills, internet access etc. offered by Habitat HQ. To book now, log in to http://www.habitathq.com.au

Habitat HQ Article's Source: https://www.thearticledirectorypost.com/choose-the-right-accommodation-choose-habitat-hq/

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