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Whether sending money back home, emergency funds to your daughter studying abroad, or for business purposes- sending money abroad means double the currencies, complications and costs. Moreover, commercial banks charge a lump sum amount on these international money transfers. To save your hard earned money, there are various money remittance services that have innumerous advantages over other commercial options.

When transferring money the cost and charge depends on two categories that one must analyze before choosing any particular service. For regular payments or one-offs, many online money transfer companies that save you serious cash. It is crucial to check the fees they are charging for the transfer and also the exchange rate at they are offering. Many banks and online transfer companies apply a multitude of fees, charges or commission, both to the sender and the recipient. Many providers levy lots of small charges to disguise exactly how much it costs.

Banks especially offer a very high exchange rate that gives you less money for your transfer. Many companies also claim to be commission free and then load up on the exchange rate and very often don’t provide you with data so you can compare the prices with the current rates.

This is one of the main reasons why people are so hesitant and careful when it comes to money remittance or transferring money internationally. Especially when you are transferring a large amount, then you should aim to look for the cheapest provider. After all the minefield of complications all boils down to one very simple question, how many euros/dollars will be received after all the charges?

It is a proven fact however, that sending money via reputed online money transfer companies offer better rates that high-street banks. You can easily register at these companies and enjoy a smooth and hassle free service instantly. Chitoro is an example of a money transfer provider that ensures secure payments, instantly, in the incredibly low prices.

All you have to do is register to their service and they work on providing a flexible tailor made solution, helping you with all your foreign exchange and money transfer requirement. Whether for business or personal use, Chitoro is a leading online money transfer services in the UK that has gained a sound reputation in the industry. They provide their clients with a fully integrated online system that allows for a smooth and seamless transaction. The international money transfer service offers world class solutions that are aimed to save you your hard earned money and helps you transfer money to the desired destination in the quickest and safest means possible. For more information, visit their website at www.chitoro.com