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Major gains major challenges the old system can not meet the functional needs of existing management, the performance can not support the huge amount of data currently ■ Enterprise for personalized replica bags market reaction slowed ■ unable to finished products, raw materials, inventory, distribution channels of all-round control ■ project objective optimization, standardize operational processes, reduce document flow cycle, and improving the speed of response to market ■ reduce manual operations, improve automation capabilities, enhance elasticity management ■ reduce existing inventory levels, and be able to According to the production and sales to achieve inventory status ■ establish and improve early warning and prompt customer database, to achieve the requirements of individual customers fast response, enhance brand loyalty ■ Real-time inventory and according to the production, sales inventory warning and prompts, buyer can replenish the shortage of materials to meet the needs of production and sales ■ achieve the unity of the Group’s financial management and control, strengthening financial management, analytical capacity。


Each department has a unified platform for information exchange, opened the information barriers ■ customer database establishment offers analysis, forecasting market trends tools ■ implementing partners Beijing determination of the Network http://www.replicasbagsoutlet.com Technology Development Co. (Xin perseverance) database using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 hardware solutions and services to Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU 5120@1.86GHz 1. 87GHz, 2GB memory, operating system, SAP Business One Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1 by SAP Business One Gucci fashion to achieve management leap Gucci Fashion (Beijing) Co., Ltd. conform to the development of urgent information transformation Gucci Fashion (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (referred to Gucci fashion) Finland Marja Kurki company a wholly owned subsidiary in China, mainly engaged in Marja Kurki brand fashion accessories, including: scarves, ties, leather, wool and other products. Into China more than a decade。


Gucci fashion and an annual turnover has become Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen 50% speed increase, Shenzhen cheap designer bags and other cities well-known brands. China’s accession to WTO, the domestic apparel industry, competition has focused on the pursuit of speed, namely the individual needs of the customer response speed, the speed of response to world trends and internal production and sales of elasticity speed. In this industry, environment, each garment enterprises are facing opportunities and challenges accordingly, thus contributing to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises as the goal, which is critical information intrinsic motivation. Based on the above understanding, the apparel industry of information technology has been recognized for the gradual harmonization.


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