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Rising up as a star in one’s own country is like a feeling of heaven on earth. Nothing gets better than having your endeavors hailed by the nation. This is the exact situation Carlos Kauffmann is facing in his homeland. With fame and name both at the peak, Carlos is continuing his successful career and has set himself to face a bright future ahead.

Carlos Kauffmann is a Venezuelan, married to the sister in law of the Governor of Miranda. Grown up in Venezuela, Carlos Kauffmann is a well-known businessman in his homeland. His enthusiasm and dedication towards his career in business is an inspiration for many businessmen not only in Venezuela but throughout other countries as well. Carlos Kauffmann has a graduation in Odontology but due to his multi-talents, he joined businesses and gave a booming beginning to his career. He was the founder of a company called Valores Balcaf through which he ensured growth of cooperatives global. Carlos Kauffmann also served as a shareholder in various companies, was a co-founder of a logistic business firm, rendered services in the Forex firm, became the director and shareholder of Indutrias Venoco and also became a partner in an oil and chemical company with Daniel Albornoz and Franklin Duran. The three set up a huge business plan and have achieved enormous business success in Venezuela.

Along with having an efficacious business career, Carlos Kauffmann was very passionate of race car driving. His willingness to learn and improve from his experiences were the factors to make this man a shining star in Venezuela. Carlos had stated “Getting into the car racing profession is not a piece of cake”. Known for his hard work and dedication towards car racing, Carlos Kauffmann moved to Miami to enhance his career in pro car racing and has not failed to earn his triumphs. Carlos Kauffmann prepared for his races with high levels of physical and mental fitness. High fitness levels are a key to success for Carlos. Car racing involves driving at blazing speeds well over 200mph and Carlos Kauffmann has the expertise to make those ultra-quick decisions. It goes without saying that to endure this sport Carlos Kauffmann has to undergo plenty of specific physical workouts to keep up with those fitness levels which are so essential in this sport.

Carlos Kauffmann is a cheerful and committed individual to this sport and wishes to practice more and more for future races. His passion for car race driving has never slipped and never seems to slip in the early future as well.

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