Morocco is the crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The country is host to thousands of international travelers who wish to explore the beauty of the landscape, the authenticity of the Kingdom, the unique culture which is influenced by the European and Arabic culture, stunning gorges and the desert environment. Adventure enthusiasts who seek an unusual holiday of a lifetime can indulge in the beauty, the warmth and vivacious spirit of the desert. Morocco’s mountain regions and desert provide the perfect location for hiking, trekking and desert expedition where tourists can weave their way through the villages, among flowery fields, local attraction, oases, Kasbahs, camels, sand dunes and also experience the modest living of the nomadic tribe.

If you have a passion for the desert and want to explore the unique culture, the richness and diversity of folklore, the magic of the desert and breathtaking scenery, then you simply must experience a Moroccan expedition. There are only a few adventure travel destinations in the world and Morocco is one of them. The country offers places that are a perfect mix of the sophistication and style of European, African and the Middle Eastern culture and heritage. The country is known for its imperial cities, the rich culture of music, dance and arts, and also the colorful and vibrant markets. If you are planning a trip, be it to relax, spend time with family and friends, or an adrenaline pumping holiday a desert safari amidst the Moroccan dessert is a perfect way.

You get to experience the culture, experience the lifestyle of the nomads, bargain at the markets, and explore the local attraction in a unique manner. Camel tours and deserts tours are offered by many companies who assure you of a delightful adventure travel experience. There is nothing much better than going to a new place and experience a totally different culture, tradition and history of the place. Moroccan travel companies, being well equipped with the local knowledge about the history and attractions, offer great desert tours, hiking and trekking trips.

When it comes to desert expedition in Morocco, there is one name that is sought out by local and international travel agencies. Caravan South is a prominent service that, with their specialized and popular excursions and trekking and desert trips, have created a stir in the travel community. From camel treks, to excursions in the desert from Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Zagora and M’hamid, they offer tourists and travelers with an unforgettable holiday experience. Founded in 1989, Caravan South is a premium company that continues to entice vacationers who wish to explore the richness and beauty of the Moroccan desert and lifestyle. To know more, log on to

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