Why decide on Premium One? Premium One believes in supplying customers a service that is special and one that would stick out from the rest of the other transport washing businesses. This is a transport waxing company that has been surviving since 2008. It has simple, no frills, budget and friendly car beautifying, wash and wax services for your car. One special factor about this business is they can help you redeem up to 140 gallons of water per car wash. That’s a lot of water one can salvage!

The very and humble history awaits Premium One. They first began with washing their friends’ and neighbours’ vans in car parks and front gates. It was only after a year that they commenced taking into discussion the positive encouragements and then settled to take their service to a higher level of advancing out and making it shown.

Premium One does not just use any cheap and normal chemicals to groom your motorbike. You can be convinced that the cream consumed are straightly imported from States and the products used will never harm your expensive car as only microfiber towels are used to clean your vehicles and safely wipe out marks without leaving any spots behind. An exhaustive cleaning of washing, waxing, protecting and shining is included in this all in one package that would no doubt be cheap and value it for every amount that you spend.

The customer service served by them leaves you contented and would make you want to return back for more. The sales assistants are courteous and very approachable as Premium One strongly agree that customer service plays a/an fundamental part in the full working line and they want their customers to have only the best. Simple and straightforward is the role that guides to keep a see-through, honest and friendly relationship between the business and their guests.

They have quite good deals available over their website. Also, if you are new, you get to enjoy the very basic yet exclusive package that is catered for all their first time clients. With only $35, you get to the single exterior premium grooming session for your motorbike. So then, if you are searching for any cleaning services for your car, do remember to first select Premium One, your eco-friendly, waterless and no frills car wash and wax dealer.

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