Why does buying used cars from Japan make so much sense?

Well in short they are the best priced and best looked after cars in the world.

But why is this? Let’s have a look in more detail at the reasons.

First, depreciation of cars in Japan is one of the highest rates of any developed country in the world. Within 10 years the vehicles can be worth as little as 10% of their original value. While this is not great news for the locals, it is great news for the rest of the world.

Second, the Japanese people look after everything they own so well and their cars are no exception.

Third, the roads in Japan are of top quality and very well maintained and the speed limits are very low – even the expressway has a limit of 80km/h!

And finally, the registration process is very strict with mandatory government inspections of every vehicle every two years. Even a small oil leak or a broken rubber hood cover on a CV joint is enough to fail and would require repair before the car can be registered.

These factors combine to make Japanese used cars the best in the World.

So what is the best and safest way to buy a used car from Japan? One that would meet a wide variety of needs and budgets.

Buying through a trusted dealer from the Japanese Car Auctions is the most cost effective way, which also provides a huge variety of cars to choose from every week that can meet just about any budget requirements.

The Japanese Car Auctions are an enormous industry in Japan with over 100 auction houses throughout the country offering up to 100,000 vehicles each and every week. Such auctions as USS Tokyo, USS Yokohama, USS Nagoya, HAA Kobe, JAA, CAA Group, TAA Group, Honda Group and the list goes on and on.

Both left hand drive and right hand drive cars are available and include all the top brands like Mercedes Benz, AMG, Porsche, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and many more.

To purchase a used car from the Japanese Car Auctions you must purchase through a dealer with membership at all these auctions.

One such dealer is Auto Access Japan, a trusted industry leading exporter that can help with every facet of purchasing a car from auction to meet your needs and regulatory requirements of your home country.

Auto Access Japan has many years of experience exporting to such destinations as Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Bahrain, UAE, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands and many many more destinations.

They have an industry leading online Auction system so you can search for just about any car you can think of, with tracking, bid and many more features.

And they also inspect the cars personally to ensure quality and provide a detailed report.

Come and check all the auction action at www.autoaccessjapan.com

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