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May 11, 2021

Bubblegum Kitty.

 I’m not lazy, just been rather ill over the weekend. How lovely, I know! So, while sitting in the warm and comfort of my home I decided to post about Becky B Wardrobe (again). I just love this online shop and the owner is such a lovely lady. I have put together a few looks for her website and facebook, adding some little illustrations as well for something a bit different. So I hope you like it. You can go buy everything you see (apart from the shoes) over on the website here. Anybody seen little shop of horrors? Well if you have then my title today is from one of the songs because my friend Ellie and I just can’t stop singing it! It’s driving us mad!! Anyway, today I am very chipper, I don’t know why because I have been working so much. Most of my days lately are spent at my desk in University drawing, writing or pissing around with my friend. Today was exactly the same. I wanted to wear my new knee high socks from Da-Sein so my whole outfit kind of revolves around them. I also have this little transfer tattoo from Inkwear, I really like it actually. It’s made me consider getting one on my arm! The rest of my outfit it fairly basic but I love it. It is another one of my ‘go to’ outfits I love when I don’t have much time in the morning. Very coincidentally everything else I am wearing if from Topshop, sorry about that. Hope you like it! Hello, I know I know, it is extremely late to post but I have been such a busy bee my time schedule is all over the place outerwear for women! I am feeling rather chirpy any way, considering it is past 11pm here. My body clock has been destroyed with working into the night when I get the sudden urge to sew or paint. Today has been a rather good day, I got to see Jodie to take some photos for Becky B Wardrobe (will be up soon). Spent some time working in the studio and then (even more exciting) I made a blog for myself and my friend Ellie’s little vintage shop we are working on. It will be announced in more detail soon. Please go take a look, it is called Aunties Attic and soon will be more colourful with exciting news and photos. Today’s outfit photos are featuring another mighty fine item from Your eyes lie. I just can’t get enough can I! This time is is a quirky little dress that I think is so playful and fun. the print is small palm tree’s and the grey/blue tones are quite nice for this season and into summer. I wore it with my large burgundy cardie which I know is pretty boring but I love it. Hope you like the dress and the photos, if you haven’t already go check out your eyes lie! Thanks guys. Love you all.

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