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Course of action for walking belt replacement and removal 
1.    Hood removal 
A. Try to find the fixing screws on the left or right section of the motor hood and unscrew them..  
B. When that’s been loosened you will need to remove the hood.  
2.    The way to Remove the Side Rail and End Cap 
a.    The screws that fix the end caps need to be loosened and then remove the caps 
b.    To take out the side rail if it isn’t screwed take your time and pull it up to make sure you don’t damage or break it (stick w/both side stick bond).  
3.    Removal of Rear Roller 
a.    Tag the present roller spot just before loosening up the Belt Tension Bolts. To get this done you may either note the position relative to the round hole on the side section of the mounting bracket or you can count the quantity of threads on the tension bolt 
b.    Remove each belt tension bolt by loosening them up. 
c.    Pull the roller out from the inside of the belt by pulling up on one side of the roller 
4.    The procedure for front roller removal 
a.    Remove the Belt Tension Bolt that’s positioned on the right side of the front roller by first loosening it up.  
b.    To remove the drive belt you will need to walk the belt off the pulley, and to do this you must pull the belt to the outside using one of your hands and then take your other hand to rotate the flywheel located on the Motor.  
c.    Pull the roller out by pulling up on the left side of the roller.  
5.    Removal of the running belt 
a.    You will need a Phillip/Cross screwdriver to take away the deck screws found on the right side of the deck which attaches to the frame. 
b.    To remove the belt treadmill you will have to slide and pull it out.  
6.    In order to slide the new belt into the treadmill you must first use a silicon lubricating spray on the interior of the belt right before setting it up. 
7.    Lastly, to repair the belt reverse the steps. 
Belt Tensioning 
If you notice that the belt is starting to slip while it’s being used, you should tension it. At the back of the treadmill is where you’ll find the tension bolts that the treadmill is equipped with. Get the treadmill up and running and set the speed to approximately 4KM/H prior to tensioning the belt. Utilizing a 6 mm Allen Wrench, move the right and left tension bolts 1/2 turn, rotating forwards and backwards until the belt slipping reduces. Test to be certain the slipping is discontinued after each 1/2 turn adjustment.  
The belt will need to get aligned if you turn one side more than other side, because the belt will start to drift to the side of the treadmill. 
If the belt gets over-tightened it’ll lead to more loading where on the electrical and mechanical components on treadmill and ordinarily doesn’t correct the problem. The next thing you can try to do to resolve the slipping problem if it doesn’t stop is reduce the belt tension. Replacing the belt is what you might have to do if this doesn’t stop the slipping. If you decide to replace the belt, make sure the front roller gets cleaned off thoroughly to remove any additional lubricant that’s present. Make sure that you don’t get any water, solvent, or detergent in the bearings or other parts on the treadmill once you clean the front roller.  
Belt Centering:  
Tapered rollers are used by the treadmill to be able to center the running belt, but if the running belt glides to either side and touches the side rails then adjustments must be made.  
Starting the treadmill and setting it to 4KM/H speed is the best thing to do before adjusting it. The tension on the front roller will most likely need to get adjusted if adjusting the belt tension screws on the rear of the treadmill doesn’t fix the issue. The only area where you’ll find this adjustment is on the right hand side of the front roller and it’ll require that the motor hood is taken off.  
Belt Glides towards the Right  
Utilize the 6mm Allen Wrench to move the tension bolt on the right clockwise 1/2 turns if you find that the running belt drifts too far to the right hand side, and you will have to keep turning it until the belt is centered properly.  
Belt Glides towards the Left  
If the running belt isn’t centered correctly because it’s drifting too much to the left, you may implement Clockwise 1/2 turns with a 6mm Allen Wrench to rotate the left tension bolt .

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