Audiobooks through are formed in .aa file format with DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. Audible Audio(.AA) can only play with AudibleReady products such as Kindles, iPods but not with Sony WorkMan or other popular music players.Why? Because they prefer their unique undocumented file format .aa (together with DRM protection), that means it is impossible for people to listen their own audio books on their mp3 players. So if you want to listen to AA files on any player you have, there is a need to Remove DRM from Audible AA format and Convert .AA to MP3. Though, suggests to use Apple iTunes to burn the audiobooks as audio CDs (you will be unhappy with the .aa sound quality). If you do not like the iTunes way, here is what to do to convert .aa files to .mp3 (the easiest way and best output quality):

Follow this step by step tutorial you will be able to convert Audible AA to MP3 (Non DRM protection)

The Tool we need:

All we need is an Audible AA to MP3 Converter System – Daniusoft DRM Converter. Which allows you to remove Audible Audiobook DRM encryption, convert DRMed .AA to .MP3 WMV WAV files for all music players.

Instruction to convert AA to MP3 files.
Free download and install Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate and make sure you have downloaded the Audio book .AA file onto your computer using the Audible Download Manage.

Import AA files to the program
Load AA files by clicking ‘Add Video’ button on upper left of Daniusoft Video Converter Ultimate interface – choose file type as ‘*.aa’ to add files into the software. It supports batch conversion mode, you can import many files at the same time.

Set output format.
Choose from ‘Audio files to’ optional box, select MP3 or WMA or WAV or what ever you want. Meanwhile you may click”Browse” to set you output path.

Convert AA to MP3, set MP3 as output format
Start to Unprotect AA and convert AA to MP3

The process will begin with your clicking on ‘Start’ button; this will finish converting AA files to MP3.
Transfer converted AA files to target devices. Simply connect your devices to computer, click ‘Copy to devices’ button to active dialogue to transfer converted AA files to proper devices to play.

That’s all, now you can feel free to enjoy your Audible Audiobooks on any Media players!

Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon, the company is an Internet provider of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming, now enjoys a near-monopoly in the online digital download market for audiobooks.

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