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The Josiesque Designs team members know SEO Austin and would love to share some really great tips so you can get the most benefit from your blogs. Search engines reward websites that use unique content. It is especially important to use valuable keyword phrases in your blogs. By doing this, you are not only using your blogs to inform your visitors, but also choosing your words more wisely to make your blogs work harder and smarter for you!

The two most important points to keep in mind when you are writing a blog post:
.First: you always want to write informative, unique content for your target market.
.Second: choose the keyword phrases you would like to rank well for in search engines and incorporate them into the blog post.

Let’s look at our first point. Are you reading this and wondering what we mean by “unique content”? Search engines are looking for original content from your point of view, not just something you copied from another source. If you really like the way something is worded on another site, you could share that information with your readers but always include the link to the original source. One easy way to incorporate information from another source is to include the desired information, include the link to the original source, and then share your opinion on the subject matter. You should never just copy and paste information from another source. This practice can cause your site to drop in ranking if the search engines see too much duplicated content on your website. In contrast, when you include more original content combined with keyword phrases, you will see upward movement in search results on the different search engines.

Now let’s explore the second point – You are probably asking “What are keywords and how do I use them in my blog posts?” Keyword phrases are terms that your audience uses in search engines to find their desired information, products or services. Sometimes, the terms that you want to use are not the most popular ones that are actually being used for searches.

And, now, you are probably wondering how to use the Google Keyword Tool. It’s as easy as entering a list of keyword phrases and Google will tell you the average number of monthly searches for that term and others related to it. By choosing the most popular terms that relate to your subject matter, you are taking an active part in driving more traffic to your site. Make sure to check the box on the left for either “Exact” or “Phrase” Match Types. The “Broad” Match Type is, in our opinion, too broad to be very effective in searching terms for your site.

Now that you have the best keywords for your business, you need to incorporate them into the title and text of your blog. For example, if you wanted to write a blog post about SEO in Austin, you might create content using the phrase “SEO Austin” or “Blogging SEO Austin”. However, the term “SEO” will result in a search that is too broad to be of use to you. Be sure to check out our video tutorial on effectively using keywords to improve your ranking in search engines. If you still have questions about blogging and SEO, contact Josiesque Designs. Our team members would love to help you rank higher in search engines!

Josiesque Designs provides your business with award winning Search Engine Optimization Austin Texas and surrounding areas.

Jeremy Smith Article's Source: https://www.thearticledirectorypost.com/are-you-using-your-blogs-effectively/

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