The Tembusu, the highlight of the ages, developed at the right at the center of Kovan (near Kovan MRT), this rare gem’s (The Tembusu) interior and exterior is fabulously stunning and come with a stylish look. The Tembusu, the talk of the modern world is a extravagant apartment developed by the famous WingTai Asia. The Tembusu the elegant, is a modern creation with beautiful architectural design that set itself apart from others, which also symbolizes life achievements; in short it has nearly no rivals. By owning The Tembusu this magnificent executive property, you will be able to feel proud to give for you and your family. The Tembusu new launch apartment’s location is considered incredible and rare find in SG, because it is too well located and can be easily access. People would say is incredibly convenient for yourself and your family, because going to the hotspots of this small town that is Singapore will very easy for you & your loved ones. The Tembusu, the beautiful condominium, Its’ elegance of this magnificent developing property is definitely unrivalled, be assured The Tembusu will be visually pleasing for you. The Tembusu, it’s own gorgeous interior will enchant you, and its’ modern exterior will make people envy as they passes by this a fabulous newly launched home.
The Tembusu condo is build with 337 gorgeous residential units, ranging from one to 4 bedroom units to elect from (also it has 3 penthouse units) and one unit, The Tembusu is made with all the delightful amenities which yourself and your loved ones can delightfully enjoy. You and your precious loved ones will be looking at a number of delightful facilities. The Tembusu is the attractive new launch condo which can be said to be like a sanctuary, where is like a place for anybody to have a full recovery and stay away from the busy of Singapore hush working daily routine. This of course will Enable you and your loved ones a peaceful and calm environment where you can rejuvenate your strength and energy. The Tembusu condominium is a residence where is quiet, and this is very important for yourself and your family for their overall well-being.
If you prefer to have the fun and the frission of the hotspots of Singapore, yes you can do so with ease. As heading to the big Shopping District Orchard Road, Clark Quay, Boat Quay of Singapore is just only a moment drive away. You and your kins can enjoy shopping all day & night throughout with but just a moment drive away. The Tembusu is close proximity to the expressway KPE, CTE, PIE and TPE, this is the reason you and your precious loved ones have the pleasure of easily access to all the exhilarating places which this tiny city can offer you and your loved ones. If you are not happy on going out far and maybe this isn’t just to your preference, well you and loved ones can just go to Kovan Heartland Mall where you can get almost all the necessities which you and your members of your family will require on a everyday basis. Kovan Heartland Mall is in close proximity and the Kovan MRT is there too thus making The Tembusu condo even much more convenient. You and your kins will never feel boredom, with such advanced public transport like Kovan Bus Interchange, you and your family can just venture anywhere in tiny city.
The Tembusu the fabulous condominium is definitely an unique finds of Singapore where a bread winner could raise a healthy family. The Tembusu is a brand new condo that is family orientated and yet modernized amazing, simply 1 of the best condo ever developed. Your buddies will be jealous and will be impressed by you, as The Tembusu condo represent your life’s achievements. Residing in The Tembusu

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