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If you’ve spent any time blogging, you understand how important it is to attract new readers to your blog on a regular basis. When you get more and more readers to join in and offer you the leverage you need, you will see that blogging can be a lot more enjoyable and you won’t have to search as much for the motivation you need. If you would like to learn a few things that you can do to help yourself get more blog readers without adversely effecting your brand, keep reading.

This might sound too clich?d, but it works – why don’t you giveaway free stuff that is of high quality to get more people on your blog? For instance, why not create a WordPress theme or plugin and offer it for zero cost, asking only for a link back to you as credit? This might not send super high levels of traffic to your blog but it can still make a definite difference. Just find out something to give away for free, something that provides immense value at no cost. Emobile Code Being an active participant on forums is a fabulous way to gain leverage for your blog posts because the people who are the most active on forums are usually the ones who are most likely to leave comments behind on blogs as well. Starting new and informative threads on these boards and simultaneously offering true value to the other members of the forum will help make them curious both about you as well as your approach. This allows you to build relationships with the audience you’ve chosen to target and funnel those relationships into traffic for your site.

Binary Matrix Pro If you want to be a successful blogger you need to know how to network–talking to the big bloggers and asking them questions is very helpful. Target moderate bloggers and not the super successful bloggers here because the main goal in this situation is to take the network that these bloggers have already created and use it to get more targeted readers to your own blog. Aggression is not a good idea in this situation; subtlety is far better. Using your blog to create long term and sustainable success is dependent upon your ability to create blog posts that your readers will value and that consistently matter. By taking the necessary steps to get more visitors to your blog, you’re not only getting traffic, but you’re also building a brand with your efforts. So the more focus you place upon carving out a place for yourself and your blog by putting forth a targeted effort into getting more readers, you will be able to eventually create a much more inviting atmosphere for the new readers you attract.

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