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On an average, we drink 2 liters of water a day and use water purifiers to ensure that no impure water goes inside our body. On the other hand, we breathe in thousands of liters of air every day and yet not pay attention to what quality of air goes inside us. It’s okay if you just realized how much of polluted air must have already gone into your body. It’s better late than never. Hire an air cleaning service provider now and you will soon be breathing in the purest of air around your house. One of the best companies in Singapore engaged in the air cleaning business is known by the name of Airverclean. Established in 1991, manufacture and sell a wide range of Air Treatment Products under various brands.

The comprehensive range of air purifying products offered by the company includes electrostatic air cleaners, kitchen exhaust products, oil mist collectors, UVC sterilizing systems, odour busters and more. There are different models available in all to suit the specific needs of residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Airverclean sells these highly effective products under the brands RydAiR, UVi-Aire and UV-Lux. Not just that, the company also custom designs the products for various reputed firms. For example, it provides proper sizing, fabrication and installation of cooker hoods and ductworks for F&B outlets. Also, Airverclean can design and manufacture Electrostatic Air Cleaners the UVC or UVC ozone systems according to clients’ requirements.

Apart from the products, Airverclean is also a pioneer in providing expert assistance on air purifying needs and also an unmatched after care service. Be it a mobile air treatment system, a food kiosk, a full scale restaurant and factory production processes or the use of one or several filtration system, its team of well qualified professionals aspires to provide a workable and acceptable solution. Furthermore, Airverclean also provides full pre sales & application consultation, on site installation work & advice and after sales service. You can rest assured of getting unmatched quality of products and services when Airverclean is serving your air purifying needs.

From the smallest food outlet to the multi billion up market complexes like the Marina Bay Sands Casino Resort and Resorts World on Sentosa, everybody is using the products of Airverclean and its time that you too better the quality of air around you for a safer and healthier body. For further information, log on to http://www.airverclean.com

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