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Even though we usually don’t pay much attention to it but breathing clean air indeed plays a significant role in our well-being. Because of the increasing number of cars and many other objects of the modern times, we are exposed to polluted air that has the ability to do some serious damage to our body. This is why Airverclean has come up with quality air purifiers that clean the air surrounding you and give you a fresher and safer atmosphere to breathe in. Established in 1991, this company specializes in the sales, installation and fabrication of air cleaning and purifying equipment and systems for commercial and industrial premises.

The extensive range of services provided by the company includes Sales and Installation of Electrostatic Air Cleaners/systems, Comprehensive Service and Maintenance for air cleaning systems, Designing Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System incorporating Electrostatic Air Cleaners, Fabrication and installation of commercial cooker hoods and ductworks, UVC Ozone treatment of Kitchen exhaust systems, UVC Germicidal Irradiation Systems for Air Handling Units, Wall Mounted Air Purifiers for use in offices, clinics, hospitals etc. and odour Control products. Apart from these, the Airverclean also provides full pre sales & application consultation, on site installation work & advice and after sales service. .Spares, replacement parts and consumables are also readily available with the company. You can rest easy about the quality of the products as well as the service when dealing with Airverclean.

With its warehouse in based in Singapore, this well established company strives to provide innovative and effective products for better indoor & exhaust air quality and energy conservation. The distinguishing factor of Airverclean is its custom design service in which the professionals of the company design and manufacture Electrostatic Air Cleaners our UVC or UVC ozone systems according to the specific demands of the clients. Being totally capable of handling small scale as well as large scale products, these experts formulate unparalleled solutions for all your air purifying needs.

The impressive client list of the company that includes firms such as McDonalds, Kou Fu Food Court, KFC, Burger King, Mos Burger, The Coffee Connoisseurs, The Coffee Club, Cedele, etc. stands as a testimony to the efficiency and performance of its products. Companies all over the globe use the products of Airverclean for the air purification needs. Catering to the demand of these worldwide customers, the company has dealers in INDIA, INDONESIA, THAILAND, PHILIPPINES, VIETNAM, THE UNITED KINGDOM, DUBAI/UAE, AUSTRALIA and TURKEY. For further information, log on to http://www.airverclean.com

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