Do you want something unique? “Adventures At Sea” is a total different way you can celebrate any special occasions in our life/lives. It gives out a whole new variation of celebratory feel for you and your relatives to feel as well as have a lasting and fun-filled day that can forever be etched in your memory. You will be introduced to a classic line of yachts that are especially decorated to bring your event into a real life feel! The sailboats come in all colours and shapes. Casually allow your eyes to discover and set on one that would grab your attention: from the sailboats that we cater: From the normal classic yachts to costly three-storey cruisers. Just let them know your preference and they will do their best to assist you in creating the most incredible, memorable and intimate space for you.

Some very top and high in demand bundle that they are known for would be their matrimony packages. Are you not bored of the mundane wedding ceremonies that go on indoors or in a church? With “Adventures At Sea”, you can be sure that weddings will now be taken to a whole new series that will guarantee be past your wildest visualization. Imagine exchanging your marriage vowsunder a view of stars surrounded by the deep blue water. Or soaking in a first few moments as a sweet couple while the sun camouflages into the water and bids goodnight. What a wonderful experience!

“Adventures At Sea” has been part of bringing out the most different weddings as well as those unusual a-ha moments for more than 28 years at present. Just simply approach any of our professional wedding experts and they will be more than wanting to do up your very incredible wedding and make you the most blissful couple.

Other deals such as anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, family get-togethers are also available with them. Do not , just be sure to follow “Adventures At Sea” and from the very moment you and your guest step onto one of their amazing yachts, you know you’re really in for something that is totally awesome! Whether you’re tasting a glass of sparkling juice on veranda style balcony or star gazing on one of their open-air sundecks, their cruisers create the most perfect ambience for any celebration.

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