1888 PressRelease – Free Mobile App Promotes Healthier Communities by Providing Weight Management Tools while Fighting Hunger Through Food Bank Donations.

Oklahoma City, OKAY – foodtweeks™ & trade; is a totally free app that incorporates weight management with feeding the starving by contributing to food banks such as the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank in San Francisco, CA. Signing up with an across the country network of foodtweeks™& trade;-affiliated food banks, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank continues its work to develop healthier neighborhoods while engaging residents with innovation to support a cause.

In order for the the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank to get contributions from foodtweeks™& trade;, a user needs to report “tweeking” (cutting calories from their food) to the app. When foodtweeks™ & trade; gets the variety of calories that a weight-conscious customer has actually decided to get rid of from their food, the food bank will certainly get a contribution during that quantity. An equal variety of healthy calories will certainly then be dispersed to starving households in the location.

“The SF-Marin Food Bank is delighted to start our collaboration with foodtweeks™ & trade; to allow customers to support our work to end appetite in our neighborhood, “stated Blain Johnson, Food Bank media relations manager. “It is very important to us that foodtweeks™ & trade; aligns with our objective to promote healthy neighborhoods. Support from foodtweeks™ & trade; will certainly enable us to offer healthy food to households in requirement.”

As a food bank that disperses 105,000 meals worth of food every day, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank is a partnering food bank that supports numerous having a hard time members of the neighborhoods is serves. The 46 million pounds it disperses each year can now be supported by weight-conscious, cause mindful, customers who value the effect foodtweeks™ & trade; will certainly carry their next-door neighbors.

foodtweeks™ & trade; makes it possible for customers to be “heroes” who serve their neighborhoods at no expense of time or cash. They just have to make much better options in their foods to feed the starving. To make the procedure of contributing to their neighborhood even easier, foodtweeks™ & trade; enables users to publish a “tweek” on Facebook or Twitter which doubles or triples each contribution.

The technique includes foodtweeks™ & trade; users just informing the app what food they are thinking about purchasing, consuming or preparing. The app immediately displays pictures of recommended “tweeks” that eliminate enough calories to make a favorable distinction – however not in a manner that alters the taste or leaves users starving.

To offer users with this easy device, foodtweeks™ & trade; preserves a crowdsourced photo database of even more than 44,000 little modifications that reveal users ways to “tweek” everything from a specific brand name of cheeseburger at a nationwide dining establishment chain to supermarket purchases, and homemade dishes of every kind.

“foodtweeks™ & trade; is happy and thrilled to support the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank,” stated Elisa Shannon, foodtweeks™ & trade; Executive Vice President of Partnership Development. “The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank is an extremely dedicated and appreciated company that offers impressive service to food-insecure members of our neighborhood.”

foodtweeks™ & trade; is quickly broadening its partner-base to food banks all throughout the country, with even more signing up with every week, stated Ms. Shannon, herself a previous food bank executive. Food banks that want to affiliate with foodtweeks™ & trade; might get in touch with Ms. Shannon by e-mail at elisa (@) foodtweeks dot com dot

Jay Walker, the creator of foodtweeks™& trade;, is likewise the chairman of Patent Properties and manager of TEDMED, the wellness and medication edition of the well-known TED conference. A kept in mind business owner, Mr. Walker has actually established 3 business that serve even more than 50 million clients. He is best referred to as the developer of Priceline, which brought a brand-new level of value to the travel market.